Kinder Kids Printables Page Is Here

Kinder Kids Printables Now Have Their Own Page Well it’s about time right?!  The Kinder Kids Learning Packs now have their own page where you can quickly find that resource you need!! Find everything you need for your kindergarten students with just one click.  Individual Letter Learning Packs or buy it bundled and save BIG!  Daily Notebook, Monthly Reading Log and even Letter Flashcards.  Plus I will be adding to the Kinder Kids Printables every month in 2017!!  So be {Read More}

Fruit of the Spirit: Kindness

Fruit of the Spirit Kindness We are called to be kind to EVERYONE.  Not just those who are kind to us.  That would be the difficult part – being kind to the unkind.  It’s super easy to return a smile or kind word.  But to give the smile to the dirty look or speak love to the mean words is a massive challenge. Following God is not the easy route in life here on earth.  We know it won’t be.  Be we {Read More}

Fruit of the Spirit: Goodness

Fruit of the Spirit Bible Study Goodness Goodness is not a passive quality.  It’s a deliberate choice of right over wrong, the firm resistance to moral wrong/evil, and choosing to follow all moral good.  It’s not the easy choice for sure, but it’s the right choice. With more than 25 verses in the Bible about good or goodness it was a little more difficult to choose which ones to dig into.  I’ve chosen 5 for this study but I have {Read More}

Fruit of the Spirit: Faithfulness

Fruit of the Spirit Bible Study Faithfulness We were created in the image of God.  So it should not be a surprise that when we read the 19 verses on faithful or faithfulness in the Bible that over 80% of them are talking about God and His faithfulness.  He is our great example.  We are made to follow Him.  So let’s dig in and see how He is faithful to us and how we can mold our actions and thoughts {Read More}

Kinder Kids – Christmas Learning Pack

The links in this post contains affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link.   New Subscribers Only Freebie December 2016   We are just 12 days away from Christmas in 2016!  Can you believe it? This year is flying by and I’m not sure that I’m totally ready for it.  To help celebrate Christmas in our homes this year I’ve created a free for subscribers, new learning pack! {Read More}

Keeping Christ in Christmas Giveaway

Christmas family activities for Keeping Christ in Christmas can be the best part of your holiday season. We have a wonderful ‘Christ in Christmas Giveaway’ which will help you keep your focus and your heart in the right place this Christmas season. Keeping Christ in Christmas Giveaway Christmas family activities, games, and products to make your season bright! Christmas books, Christian books, activities, decorations, and toys to help you in keeping Christ in Christmas this joyous season. We have a {Read More}

Fruit of the Spirit: Gentleness

Fruit of the Spirit Gentleness Gentleness.  This is not something that comes naturally to me.  It is also not something that I gave much thought to before I had kids.  Sad right?!  I mean we should all think about how our actions are affecting others – are we being gentle with them? I was always the mouth.  I always had the quick come back or under the breath remark.  Okay, full disclosure, I still really struggle with giving a gentle {Read More}

Fruit of the Spirit: Self-Control

Fruit of the Spirit Study Self-Control Self-Control… Does anyone else look at that word and pause?  We all want to think we have self-control, but do we really? Self-Control:  Restraint exercised over one’s own impulses, emotions, or desires. It’s so easy to point out what others are not doing right, how THEY aren’t exercising control.  But no one likes to think about their own failures, their own lack of restraint. I want to take this time to retrain myself and {Read More}

Our Curriculum for the 2016-2017 Homeschool Year {Kindergarten & 6th Grade}

Our Curriculum 2016-2017 Kindergarten & 6th Grade   Well, I am a little late in sharing about our curriculum this year.  The month of August brought some major major changes in my life and I have to admit I didn’t really handle them very well in the beginning.  In fact I did horrible.  But I’m not talking about that yet – right now I’m back at it and sharing about our curriculum for the new homeschool year!  We are loving {Read More}

Kindergarten Take 2

Kindergarten Take 2 Without a doubt this was the most difficult decision I have had to make about my child’s education.  Not for my daughter.  But for me.  In my own head I was turning this whole thing into a “I’m a failure” moment.  Why was I doing this? My youngest is a “look squirrel” kinda kid.  She is loving, caring, hysterical and very smart little 5 year old.  But she is easily distracted.  She will not only cut you {Read More}