The Encouragement of Co-op

The Encouragement of C0-0p It’s been 4 years since my girls and I have been a part of a local co-op.  We were only there for one year and we because I felt exhausted and overwhelmed with our schedule at the time.  I thought it was something we could drop and not really notice. Since then we’ve plugged away in our homeschool, danced the night away in classes for both girls and your normal running around with a crazy busy {Read More}

Prayer For The Homeschoolin’ Mama

Prayer For The Homeschoolin’ Mama October is usually the start of my favorite time of year – Autumn!  I love all things fall.  The beautiful leaves falling, cooler days and nights, apple cider, pumpkin spice, fall decorations and knowing that Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  I love it all! But I have to admit, this year I’m struggling with being excited.  Life seems so crazy around me.  Friends are attacking friends over political differences.  Social media has become a {Read More}

First Day Of School…Signs

First Day Of… Signs Can you believe it?  It’s already time for a whole new school year!  Every year at this time I say “the Summer flew by just way too fast”, but this Summer just may have set a record! I absolutely LOVE this time of year!  New curriculum.  New plans.  Endless possibilities.  And of course the fun First Day Of School photos! Well, I mixed it up a little again this year and created new signs for us.  {Read More}

Taking Time For Rest

Taking Time For Rest As a mom, one of the hardest things to do is rest.  There is always someone who needs you.  Someone who needs your attention and needs it right now!  Taking time to just rest ourselves can feel next to impossible.  But it’s something we absolutely NEED to do! I’ve struggled with this for years.  Taking that little bit of quiet time for myself seems impossible most days.  My days consist of teaching my girls, making dinner, {Read More}

Planning The New Homeschool Year

Planning The New Homeschool Year Don’t you just love planning the new homeschool year?  It’s one of my favorite times of year!  All of the new curriculum, school supplies, and possibilities of an amazing new year! Planners are just one of my favorites.  It falls under my school/office supplies obsession. But it’s hard to find one that has every thing I want/need, right!?  So, this year I decided to create my own planner to fit it all in and I’ve {Read More}

Taking Care of Mama

Taking Care of Mama I’ve talked a lot lately about taking care of yourself and actually focusing on YOU!  Surprisingly, I’ve had some backlash about this.  Well, maybe it shouldn’t be so surprising I guess. As Mom’s we tend to take pride in how well we take care of our families.  I believe that as Homeschool Moms we may take a little more pride in the fact that we teach our children as well.  It almost becomes this “badge of {Read More}

Summer Lovin’

Summer Lovin’ A few weeks ago I wrote an article Summer Is Here – Now What?  I talked about actually focusing on me this summer.  Creating that “me time” I actually need.  As Mamas we tend to put all of our time and energy in our families, which is wonderful.  But it also means we aren’t focusing on ourselves and tending to our own needs.  As a rule.  I have definitely fallen into this pattern and that’s why I’ve dedicated this {Read More}

Summer Is Here – Now What?

Summer Is Here – Now What? So technically we still have a bit of time until the official “Day of Summer” begins.  But we’ve just completed our 2017-2018 homeschool year (thankfully) and now I’m so ready for that Summer break from teaching.  Yes, I know “we’re always teaching our children” but I’m talking the scheduled lesson plans filled days. So Now What? This Summer I’m going to do something totally different.  Completely radical.  I’m going to work on me!  That’s {Read More}

Let’s Get Clickin’

Let’s Get Clickin’ Ever wonder what the secret is to capturing clear, beautiful photos? It’s not really a secret, even though it can feel that way when you scroll through Instagram and compare your lackluster shots to a friend’s work of art. Even though you’re really proud of the people in front of your lens, what shows up after you click the shutter isn’t always what you had in mind, amiright? Here’s the thing… anybody can learn to take photos they’re proud {Read More}

Join The Private Homeschoolin’ Mama Community

Join The Private Homeschoolin’ Mama Community We all want community right?!  We all want that time to talk with other Moms that are going through the same thing we are.  Someone to bounce ideas off of or tell us they understand what we’re going through (because they’ve been there too). As homeschool moms we have a unique situation that really only another homeschool mom is going to understand.  Your single friends or other mom friends don’t spend all day with {Read More}