Summer Is Here – Now What?

Summer Is Here – Now What? So technically we still have a bit of time until the official “Day of Summer” begins.  But we’ve just completed our 2017-2018 homeschool year (thankfully) and now I’m so ready for that Summer break from teaching.  Yes, I know “we’re always teaching our children” but I’m talking the scheduled lesson plans filled days. So Now What? This Summer I’m going to do something totally different.  Completely radical.  I’m going to work on me!  That’s {Read More}

The Parenting Super Bundle Is Here (For 6 Days Only)

The Parenting Super Bundle 2017 6 Days Only As adults, we’re pretty awesome at a lot of things. We tackle big challenges in our careers, our finances, and our health. Build impressive things. We write legal documents. Even manage teams and conferences and estates and classrooms. But when it comes to parenting, we often feel surprisingly unsure whether we know what we’re doing at all. We love these kids of ours with a love so fierce and strong, and yet, {Read More}

Reclaim Your Health With Natural Remedies

Reclaim Your Health With Natural Remedies You knew you wanted to take charge of your family’s health when you first began learning about natural remedies. You probably even knew it wouldn’t be easy. But you had no idea you’d be so overwhelmed and confused by how much there is to learn and all the conflicting opinions. I’ve had the same frustrations. When I first became interested in natural health, I spent so much time researching. I squeezed our tight budget {Read More}

Working From Home

Working From Home When I first became a Mom I was so excited (and a little nervous) to stay home and raise my daughter.  I didn’t want to send her off to daycare and just see her in the evenings and weekends.  I was also fortunate enough to have a husband completely on board with it and able to support us on his salary alone.  Not everyone is this fortune and I do count that as a major blessing in {Read More}

Just a Stay at Home Mom

Just a Stay at Home Mom “I’m not raising my daughter to be lazy.  She is going to be motivated.  She is going to go to college.  She is NOT going to be just some stay at home mom who is totally dependent on her man.  She’s going to be strong.  She’s going to be like ME!” These were literally the words that a friend of mine (a woman I have been friends with for the past 3 years) said {Read More}

Mama Sets The Tone

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Mama Sets The Tone We all do it.  Wake up in a bad mood.  One thing goes wrong (or maybe it’s the twentieth thing that day) and our attitude is shot.  We snap.  Our husbands never see it coming.  Our poor kiddos have a Mom who snaps at them. Have you ever noticed how the attitude of your home changes?  Have you noticed it tends to change with your attitude? It does.  Trust me. {Read More}

Back At It Again!

The links in this post contains affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link. Back At It Again! It’s early Monday morning.  I just finished my workout and Bible Study.  The girls are still in bed.  The house is quiet and I am giddy.  I’m giddy with the excitement of a new school year starting today!  Today we begin 5th Grade and Kindergarten.  Today I have the privilege of {Read More}

Why We Homeschool

  Why We Homeschool As homeschoolers we tend to get a lot of questions when a person realizes we’re homeschooling.  One of the number one questions I get is: Why?  Why would you choose to stay home with your kids all day and teach them? This is only second to: How long are you going to keep homeschooling? So I thought I would share our families top 5 reasons we homeschool: Personalized Education: When you are in school, whether public {Read More}

Organizing The New School Year – Prepping The Kiddos

The links in this post contains affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link. Organizing The New School Year Prepping The Kiddos   So far in this series we’ve covered: A Year In Review:  I always begin by reviewing the year we just finished. Choosing Curriculum:  Once you know what you all liked and didn’t like last year, you can then move on to the new stuff. Letters Of {Read More}

Monthly/Quarterly/Annually Cleaning Checklist

Monthly/Quarterly/Annually Cleaning Checklist Last week I shared with you my newest Weekly Cleaning Checklist (of course I had a free printable for you). Today I’m sharing my Monthly/Quarterly/Annually Cleaning Checklist with you.  These are things that I add into my cleaning time when appropriate.  I keep these checklists handy because let’s face it – I have “Mom Brain”.  I doubt any of these things would ever get done without an actual checklist for me. Monthly Checklists Clean/Change Out HVAC Filter Clean {Read More}