Join The Private Homeschoolin’ Mama Community

Join The Private Homeschoolin’ Mama Community We all want community right?!  We all want that time to talk with other Moms that are going through the same thing we are.  Someone to bounce ideas off of or tell us they understand what we’re going through (because they’ve been there too). As homeschool moms we have a unique situation that really only another homeschool mom is going to understand.  Your single friends or other mom friends don’t spend all day with {Read More}

The Freedom Fitness Bundle – 6 Days Only

The Freedom Fitness Bundle We all want to improve our fitness. Want our bodies to feel youthful, healthy, and strong. We want to wake up confident every morning, loving what we see in the mirror. But let’s face it; working out consistently is hard – especially with a homeschool & kiddos schedules. We’re busy staying on top of work, making sure our kids finish their homework (not to mention their vegetables), and trying to find time to sleep. With so {Read More}

Working From Home

Working From Home When I first became a Mom I was so excited (and a little nervous) to stay home and raise my daughter.  I didn’t want to send her off to daycare and just see her in the evenings and weekends.  I was also fortunate enough to have a husband completely on board with it and able to support us on his salary alone.  Not everyone is this fortune and I do count that as a major blessing in {Read More}

Join Me at One Roll at a Time

Join Me This Year At It’s the beginning of January – a whole new year awaits us!  Most of us are making resolutions/goals/plans for this awesome year that’s ahead of us.  But how many of us will keep to it?  What derails you?  What holds you back? Maybe we just need to form a community that will help keep us on track.  Help us stay motivated.  Help us not raid the cookie jar when we’re having a tough day! {Read More}

It’s Time To Be Real

It’s Time To Be Real! Some times I think we are our own worst enemy.  We tend to think our friends have it all figured out or their life is some how “better” than our own.  You know you’ve felt this way from time to time with at least one of your friends.  If not in “real life” at least through social media. You see their well behaved children and wonder what are they doing differently than you.  Their perfectly {Read More}

Mama Sets The Tone

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Mama Sets The Tone We all do it.  Wake up in a bad mood.  One thing goes wrong (or maybe it’s the twentieth thing that day) and our attitude is shot.  We snap.  Our husbands never see it coming.  Our poor kiddos have a Mom who snaps at them. Have you ever noticed how the attitude of your home changes?  Have you noticed it tends to change with your attitude? It does.  Trust me. {Read More}

A Walk Through Our Homeschool Day

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. A Walk Through Our Homeschool Day Like most homeschoolers our schedule can change from day to day.  But for the most part I do try to keep us on a schedule that works for us.  Each year it gets tweaked a bit but here is what most of our days look like. In my post Organizing The New School Year – Time to Plan I gave you a download to create your own daily {Read More}

Student Photos 2015-2016

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Student Photos 2015-2016 Because you know all homeschoolers just sit around in their pj’s all day long! Just kidding!  My girls were like “really?” We get up and get ready every morning to keep a good routine going. How has your new homeschool year going so far?  Are you all excited?  Keep that excitement going.  Wake up each day and get your kiddos pumped to learn! Oh and if you’re looking for these fun {Read More}

Back At It Again!

The links in this post contains affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link. Back At It Again! It’s early Monday morning.  I just finished my workout and Bible Study.  The girls are still in bed.  The house is quiet and I am giddy.  I’m giddy with the excitement of a new school year starting today!  Today we begin 5th Grade and Kindergarten.  Today I have the privilege of {Read More}

Our Curriculum for 2015-2016 {Kindergarten & 5th Grade}

The links in this post contains affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link. Our Curriculum 2015-2016 Kindergarten & 5th Grade This time next week our homeschool will be in full swing!  I can not believe I have a 5th Grader and Kindergartner – How did this happen? While I’m busy getting everything all pulled together for the Big Day I thought I would share with you what we {Read More}