Valentine’s Day Learning Packs

Valentine’s Day Learning Packs Tater Tots & Kinder Kids Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!  Less than a week away! So, I’ve created two learning packs to help celebrate the day (Tater Tot and Kinder Kids)!  While working on your handwriting or cutting or numbers add in a little love!  Maybe even spend the afternoon just celebrating Valentine’s Day! Tater Tot Learning Pack   You can find these fun printables at: Educents Teachers Notebook Teachers Pay Teachers This Toddler/PreK {Read More}

Martin Luther King Day Printables

Martin Luther King Printables Monday, January  16, 2017 is Martin Luther King Day.  A day to remember this great man, a peaceful leader in Civil Rights here in the US.  These are some of the resources I have created and use with my girls in our homeschool. 12 pages of research and writing fun! Bio Page  –  Get to know Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Famous MLK Quotes  –  Record some of his famous quotes that move you. MLK’s I {Read More}

My Greatest Blessing ~ Being a Mommy!

This is a post I wrote for Mother’s Day in last year.  I love reading this one (especially on days the little chix are a little crazy).  It’s a great reminder of why I really do LOVE my life!  What’s your reminder? Growing up I was never “The Mommy” when we were playing.  I was always selling hand crafted pot holders and lemonade.  I even ran a library once (my Mom still has the books with the cards for signing {Read More}

Happy Mother’s Day! {Free Printable}

I pray all you Awesome Homeschoolin Mama’s have a fabulous Mother’s Day! I hope you are pampered all day and treated like a Queen! Put your feet up, sit back and relax! (And if that doesn’t work here’s a coloring page to help keep the peace for a bit.) Love Life, Love God and Live For HIM … You can also find me on:     Connect with me at:  Blessings Unlimited ~ Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Google+ Changing My Life ~ One Roll At A Time:  Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Google+

Our National Day of Prayer

The National Day of Prayer website is an amazing source of information for you to learn how this wonderful day came about in our Nation.  I encourage you to follow this site and support it (they have fantastic resources for you, your homeschool and your church).  Here is why they say The National Day of Prayer is Significant: The National Day of Prayer has great significance for us as a nation. It enables us to recall and to teach the {Read More}