Fruit of the Spirit: Gentleness

Fruit of the Spirit - Gentleness

Fruit of the Spirit


Gentleness.  This is not something that comes naturally to me.  It is also not something that I gave much thought to before I had kids.  Sad right?!  I mean we should all think about how our actions are affecting others – are we being gentle with them?

I was always the mouth.  I always had the quick come back or under the breath remark.  Okay, full disclosure, I still really struggle with giving a gentle response instead.  Sarcasm is my “go to” line of defense.

You know God is about to really work on you when you drag your feet for months to write about something you know He placed on your heart in the first place.  That’s were I am right now.  This – gentleness – stopped me in my tracks.  I began digging into what God wants us to know about being gentle and how important it is.  Then all of a sudden I began dwelling on how I was wronged.  How they truly hurt me.  How could that have happened to me?  Why?  What did I do to deserve it?

The more I have looked back at this the more I can see the Devil’s hand in these thoughts.  Many things (negative things) have been thrown at me from the moment I decided to stop fighting God and start writing about His Fruit of the Spirit.  So, it may take me longer than I ever intended it to but I’m keeping with God’s plan.


There are only 4 verses I’m going to dig into on the topic but they are difficult ones for sure.  I want us to pray before we start this study – during this study – and after this study.  Ask God to show you specific times you need to work on being more gentle and to give you the gentle words and nature He wants you to have.

Simply click on the image below and download your Fruit of the Spirit Study: Gentleness to join in.  I’d love to know your notes and take-away’s from today’s study – comment below or on the posts on Facebook and Instagram!

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 Fruit of the Spirit - Gentleness Study

Love Life, Love God, Live For HIM…


  1. Great topic, Meg!

    Makes me think of the Scripture that says the tongue is a world of iniquity… who can control it? Thankfully God can! (I guess that’s why gentleness called a fruit of the SPIRIT; it’s definitely not something that comes naturally to me either! :P)

    Thanks for the materials… looking forward to following along on Instagram! 🙂

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