Fruit of the Spirit: Joy

Fruit of the Spirit - Joy

Fruit of the Spirit


Is wanting joy in our life selfish?  I’ve heard this many times and always thought it was strange.  Why do we question the fact that God wants us to find joy and hold it in our hearts?

Maybe because so many people are finding “joy” in ungodly things.  Things of this world, not of God.  There are a ton of ways we can “find joy” or think we have that goes against every thing God wants for our lives.  This is not everlasting and that’s why people are constantly searching.

I’m talking about real joy.  The kind that actually grows in your heart.  The kind that can only come from the one who created you and this entire universe.  True joy can only come from God.  His Holy Spirit is who takes God’s hope and fills it in you.  But to receive it you first need to find out how.

In these 5 verses we will take a look at what God is saying when we tells you “you will be filled with joy”.  He’s going to show us that He has it waiting for His children all we need to do is ask.

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You can find the entire Fruit of the Spirit Bibles Study on it’s dedicated page.  You’ll find links to each of the blog posts with the free downloads for you there.

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  1. Katherine says:

    Wow just wow how the Lord works. I just got the series for my son’s who are bullied almost daily by our neighbors. They are only five and eight and in a Web search came across your post and as I was refreshing the page you had just added Joy. I was thinking to myself before it was added how I wantEd to put the joy back into my children’s eyes. How could I do that? Such a blessing.

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