Fruit of the Spirit: Peace

Fruit of the Spirit Bible Study - Peace

Fruit of the Spirit


Peace.  It’s something every one of us is seeking.  Peaceful, calm, tranquil lives is a desire we have.  But life happens and we quickly loose that peaceful feeling.  It vanishes when someone wrongs you.  Gone when you’re hurting.  Lost when life turns upside down.

Peace is one of the Fruits of the Spirit for a reason.  God knows we desire it and He wants us to have it.  He desires to give it to us.

I struggle with having that peaceful spirit about me.  When things go wrong or hurt I tend to allow myself to dwell on it and remove myself from the one who an calm me.  I want to fix things or handle it myself instead of placing my frustrations before the Lord and allowing Him to calm my heart and mind.  I’m impatient.  When He doesn’t “fix it” or calm me (in a blink of an eye) I dig into that uneasy and angry feeling.

In these 5 verses we will take a look at what God is truly wanting in our lives – peace.  He’s going to show us that He has it waiting for His children all we need to do is ask.

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Fruit of the Spirit Bible Study - Peace

You can find the entire Fruit of the Spirit Bibles Study on it’s dedicated page.  You’ll find links to each of the blog posts with the free downloads for you there.

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    Calm and needed. I got a Tranquil feeling reading that…So true all we have to do is ask. He used you to remind me of that…and I LOVE YOUR SITE>>>>

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    And you have my hairstyle 🙂

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