Fruit of the Spirit: Goodness

Fruit of the Spirit Bible Study - Goodness

Fruit of the Spirit Bible Study


Goodness is not a passive quality.  It’s a deliberate choice of right over wrong, the firm resistance to moral wrong/evil, and choosing to follow all moral good.  It’s not the easy choice for sure, but it’s the right choice.

With more than 25 verses in the Bible about good or goodness it was a little more difficult to choose which ones to dig into.  I’ve chosen 5 for this study but I have listed them all at the end of the study so you can go back through each one and search them out on your own.

Don’t forget… When you sit down with your study and Bible begin with prayer.  Ask God to open your heart and reveal to you those areas in your life that He wants you to work on.  Ask Him to lead you!

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Fruit of the Spirit Bible Study - Goodness

Love Life, Love God, Live For HIM…

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