Getting Ready For The New Year

Getting Ready For The New Year

Getting Ready For The New Year

It’s that time of year again.  Time to start thinking of the up coming school year.  All the curriculum searching, planning and excitement starts right now!

Just like anything in your life you should always begin with your why.  Why Do I Want To Homeschool?  Ask yourself this and I recommend writing it down.  Also, ask yourself this each and every year you begin homeschooling again.  Review these reasons.  Keep them in your heart.  There will be days you need remind of your why – go back to your notes!

A couple of years ago I wrote a series that helped me out at the time and I still go through this process today – Organizing The New School Year.

Here are the topics I covered over this 7 week series:

  • A Year In Review:  I always begin by reviewing the year we just finished.
  • Choosing Curriculum:  Once you know what you all liked and didn’t like last year, you can then move on to the new stuff.
  • Letters Of Intent:  Each state is different, but I’ll be sharing what I do and a free download you can use.
  • Time To Plan:  You have a clean planner – don’t be afraid to fill it with fun!
  • School Room Prep:  Once you’ve begun planning you can then begin prepping that school room.
  • Prepping The Kiddos:  Time to pump up the kiddos.  Let them in on a few fun things – but give some teasers too!
  • Prepping The Mama:  This is all about prepping our Mama hearts to lead our children to love learning.

I truly go through each of these steps each year.  This is how I keep myself sane.  I need order and all of this prep work is how I keep it (at least in the beginning).

How do you get ready for new school years?

Love Life, Love God, Live For HIM…

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