Our 2012-2013 Curriculum…

Oh my goodness!  I can’t believe it’s that time of year already!  Summer is coming to an end and homeschooling mama’s are burning the midnight oil planning away for the new school year!  Well, that’s what I’ve been up to at least!  It also means it’s time to share this years final curriculum choices!  So here they are:
Second Grade {Roo}

Apologia {Who Am I}
Yes, we were so thrilled with Apologia’s Who Is God? curriculum last year we are continuing the series this year!
Apologia  {Botany}
Again, we are staying with Apologia for Science and Botany here we come!  I LOVE the Notebooking Journal and we are also adding in A Journey Through Learning’s Lapbook that is beautifully tied with it.
Answers in Genesis  
{Ancient Civilizations and the Bible}
This will be our first year using Answers in Genesis for curriculum and I have to say – I am so excited to get started.  I have planned out our year for History already and I love it!

I absolutely LOVE Sonlight for literature!!!  They books they choose for the kiddos to read and for me to read to them are an amazing selection of classics and new books!  My daughter absolutely LOVES reading and I credit it to Sonlight!

Sonlight { Core C 5-Day}
We are also using Sonlight for Writing and Spelling with the addition of Wordly Wise (Vocabulary) and Explode the Code!

Saxon {Math 2}
I can not even imagine teach Math without Saxon Math!  Seriously, we love it that much!
Alpha Omega Homeschool  {Health Grade 2}
ARTistic Pursuits  {Book 1}
Family Time Fitness  {1 year}
Dave Ramsey  
{Kid Monster Pack}
I am so excited to start this!  I love Dave Ramsey and how much I always learn from him.


We will be starting back with RosettaStone Spanish once again this year!  I am so impressed how easy it is to “teach” this and how well my 6 year old is picking up the Spanish language!
Extra’s: Federal Holiday’s (Month and Days)
Barnes & Noble was my best friend for most of this.  We are covering every thing this year: Hispanic Heritage Month, Black History Month, National Women’s History Month, Asian-Pacific Heritage Month, and Native American Heritage Month.  

Tater Tot School  {Boo}
This is my first year teaching two kiddos at the same time.  I’m a little nervous as to how it will actually go.  But I am telling myself it’s going to be fabulous!
Whole Year   
Timberdoodle  {Baby}
1+1+1=1 {FREE Printables}
Boo is only going on two so we will see how this goes.  I am mostly looking at this year as a time to teach her to focus some and just learn her little basics.  While having a lot of fun of course!

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So that is our NEW 2012-2013 CURRICULUM!  I’m linking up with the seriously awesome Not Back-to-School Blog Hop over at the iHomeschool Network!
What are your plans for this year?
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