Our School Room 2012-2013…

     I have to say our school room is one of my favorite things about our town home!  We were very blessed when we moved into this house that it had such a beautifully finished basement.  Green walls, wood trim with a nice little ledge running across two of the walls and a tile floor (easy for messy spill clean up)!  We truly didn’t need to do anything to this room but decorate.  I am so in love with it.  Plus it took all of our school stuff out of my dining area and I have my house back!  
We have a froggy theme calendar with a season, weather and days of the week design.  Because of the wood paneling I had to raise my dry erase board and cork board out of the kiddos reach.  So we brought in Roo’s easel for the girls to use.  We also put a TV and DVD player in the room to use with some of her curriculum that requires it.  
Since my chix are still so little I used alphabet cards as a border on one wall.  Oh, but I found out the hard way – buy 2 sets of the same cards.  One for the border and one to use.  Roo kept telling me, “The cards on the wall are way cuter than the ones that are mine Mommy!”  Ha!  So I ended up purchasing another set!

I think the best part of this area is being able to have the natural light still.  We are only partially underground at Sweet Chix Homeschool, so we can let in light and fresh air!

I also have a section off to the side for my Tater Tot so play (on those super awesome foam mats).  That has helped tons with Boo!  She does much better during school time with Roo now that she has her own space!

I have to say, having a separate space for our school time has helped so much!  Not only can I keep things cleaned up and organized easier, but when we are done with our school time we can leave it in our school room.  Do you know what I mean?  When we were doing it all at the dining room table, it just always seemed to be RIGHT THERE!  Like we never finished with the books!  YES, we are always learning!  But we don’t always need to be “in school”.

Well, that’s our school room!  I hope you had fun!  
I’m of course linking up with iHomeschool Network’s Not Back-to-School Blog Hop – School Room Week!  Join me there – link up your own post to show off your school room and keep checking to see everyone else’s!  
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