Showing Love During The Crazy Times

Showing Love During The Crazy Times

Showing Love During The Crazy Times

The past 10 days have been over the top insane at our house.  I mean, each day I would say to myself “Well it can’t get crazier than this.”  And the next day would make a complete liar out of me!

Boo, who is almost 10 months old now, is cutting her two top front teeth.  Any of you that have lived through the teething stage know that we are running on very little sleep around here right now.

Roo has decided to turn it up about 20 notches on the mouthy girl dial!  I had no idea 6 year old girls had it in them.  I knew the teenage years would be when I started using duct tape (I’m totally kidding – but I will be visualizing it) but 6?  Really?  Either this is a normal “trial” period no one told me about or my kiddo is really advanced for her age!  I’m not sure which I want it to be.

Yesterday was the day I’ve been dreading for the past week – Doctor’s Appointment Day!  Boo was over due for her wellness check up and shots and Tuesday was the day.  You know, the day you plan to make your child absolutely miserable!  Blah!

So, all week I’m dreading and trying not to think about “Shot Day” right?  Then Sunday hits and WAMMY!  My body decides to take on a cold.  I mean a knock me on my bottom, all I want to do is sleep (but can’t because, well, I’m a Mom) kinda cold!  By Monday night the hubby and Roo are feeling pretty yucky too!  What a miserable mess our family is right now!

Remember when I said Boo was cutting teeth?  Well Monday night it really hit her hard.  She moaned and groaned in between screaming and crying all night long.  I must have nursed her 20 times at least, trying to calm her down.  But nothing worked.  We did not sleep a single minute that night!
I kept going between feeling sorry for my poor baby who was so totally uncomfortable and in pain.  To feeling sorry for myself, the Mom who is sick and getting no sleep before a long day (shot day).  Then of course feeling horrible that I was having a pity-party for myself!  It’s a vicious circle sometimes!

Well, the doctor’s visit went exactly how I thought it would go.  Boo screamed through most of it and I felt sick to my stomach having to hold her down through her shots.  Seriously?!  What a horrible time for parents and there kiddos.  The real kick in the pants is we not only plan this day but pay for it too!

Most of my day was long and tiring yesterday.  Boo slept 30 minutes then screamed for 30 minutes for the majority of it.  When she started her fever I gave her some Baby Motrin and she finally took an hour nap.  What a relief!  She was asleep and my ears were no longer ringing!

After her nap we had a little break from the crying as Boo played on the floor with her big sister.  Thank you Lord, the Motrin was working!

They played so sweet together too!  Roo gave Boo little kisses on her legs where she had her shots and rubbed her head.  Boo laid beside her big sister and hugged her neck while kissing her and sweetly “chatting” to her.

I was in the kitchen making dinner when I looked over to see this beautifully, loving moment between two sisters.  I started smiling and thinking, “Today was going to be the worst day ever.  It was going to be a long, stressful, miserable day.”  I was all set for it!  Yet here I am watching my two girls (who each feel absolutely miserable) showing each other love and spending some cuddle time together.  They were laughing with each other and just enjoying being with the other one.

What an amazing lesson I learned from my kiddos.  Why do I let myself get so wrapped up in the pain and difficulties of life or even just a day?
I should be enjoying the moment and showing my love or better yet God’s love for some one else.  Even when I may be hurting, that shouldn’t stop me from showing love to some.  Maybe that’s exactly what THEY need!

After this thought came to me, I quickly joined in the sweet cuddle time on the floor with both my girls – migraine and all!

Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God.  1 John 4:7

Love Life, Love God and Live For HIM …


  1. Meg- I love you! I love your openness and the fact that you show the world that you are human… yes you will not only visual duct tape in the teen years, you will wonder how far you can actually take it… you will wonder how you created something that can say and do things that seem so evil and mean and when you think things can’t get any worse- they will shock you and make you cry with moments that you will never expect showing you that the things that you have worked so hard to teach- they learned. The love you showed, they have. God gave you your heart, and your sole mate, not because you are better than others, but because he knew you knew what to do with those tools! Pretty awesome that you are the woman you are, and even cooler that I am blessed to know you!

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