Why a Homeschooled Mama Resisted Homeschooling

Yes, I am a homeschooled mama — I was homeschooled before most people knew homeschooling was a “thing” you could do. In the late 1980s, my mom chose to include me in her new homeschooling plans even though I was only two years away from graduating high school. I had a positive experience being homeschooled those two years, and I was very grateful for it later in life. You might expect that because I was homeschooled — as well as my {Read More}

Mom, Are You Missing From The Schedule?

Mom, Are You Missing From The Schedule? You make time for math and language arts and science and history and field trips and housekeeping and meal making and your husband and your church and your business and your neighbors…but what about you? Do you regularly take time to rest and indulge your own interests and passions? If not, you aren’t just hurting yourself. Confessions of a Selfish Mom I’ve regularly taken time to play tennis, scrapbook, write, travel to speak {Read More}

5 Benefits to Sensory Play

Hello! My name is Angela and I blog at Teaching Mama. I have the awesome privilege of staying home with my two little boys and we do a lot of play-based learning. Today, I’m excited to share with you why sensory play is an important part of learning.  You’ve probably heard of sensory play, but did you know that this type of play is very beneficial for children? From birth, babies learn about their world using their 5 senses: seeing, {Read More}

5 Ways to Teach Empathy to Your Child

Empathy can be a challenge for children. In fact, many adults have a difficult time with empathizing. In a world where bullying is the news item of the day, it is obvious that we need to teach our children to think more of others than themselves. Empathy is more than sympathy. Sympathy is acknowledging how another person feels and perhaps offering comfort and support. Empathy, however, is the ability to truly understand how another feels because you’ve experienced it or have the ability to {Read More}