Fruit of the Spirit: Joy

Fruit of the Spirit Joy Is wanting joy in our life selfish?  I’ve heard this many times and always thought it was strange.  Why do we question the fact that God wants us to find joy and hold it in our hearts? Maybe because so many people are finding “joy” in ungodly things.  Things of this world, not of God.  There are a ton of ways we can “find joy” or think we have that goes against every thing God {Read More}

Fruit of the Spirit: Peace

Fruit of the Spirit Peace Peace.  It’s something every one of us is seeking.  Peaceful, calm, tranquil lives is a desire we have.  But life happens and we quickly loose that peaceful feeling.  It vanishes when someone wrongs you.  Gone when you’re hurting.  Lost when life turns upside down. Peace is one of the Fruits of the Spirit for a reason.  God knows we desire it and He wants us to have it.  He desires to give it to us. {Read More}

Putting The Past Behind You

Putting The Past Behind You When you are hurt or feel like you were wronged by someone it can be truly difficult to get past it.  I feel like the closer you were with that person the longer it will take. Somewhat like a grieving process because the relationship is now dead.  Maybe that’s just me though. I’ve mentioned before that I was let go from my job last year.  To be honest with you, in the beginning I was {Read More}

Showing Love During The Crazy Times

Showing Love During The Crazy Times The past 10 days have been over the top insane at our house.  I mean, each day I would say to myself “Well it can’t get crazier than this.”  And the next day would make a complete liar out of me! Boo, who is almost 10 months old now, is cutting her two top front teeth.  Any of you that have lived through the teething stage know that we are running on very little {Read More}

God Will Provide…

God Will Provide For those of you who know me, you know what the last few years have looked like for my family and I.  Move, move, moving!  We like to joke that we are doing an “East Coast Tour”. Starting in 2006 (not long after my oldest turned one) we moved from Ohio to Virginia Beach.  This was an incredibly difficult decision for my husband and I.  We were both born and raised in Ohio and we never really {Read More}