Shaklee 180™ and Me – 2 Months Later…

So it’s actually been 2 months since I began this journey with the Shaklee 180™  Turnaround Kit.  Life has been crazy with lots of ups and downs.  But I truly believe I have this wonderful program to thank for NOT gaining weight this last month!  Here’s my vlog to tell you about it!  Be kind – I’m so worn out I didn’t even put make-up on before I created this!  lol This is a sponsored post as part of the {Read More}

One Roll at a Time: Week 2

My diet/nutrition this week was… I did awesome!  Yes I’m going to go ahead and toot my own horn here! *toot*toot*  I have to say that doing this Shaklee 180™ Turnaround Kit is wonderful.  Yes, I still want to eat pizza (and I did but just one slice) and burgers.  But having the smoothee for breakfast, meal bar for lunch and the awesome pomegranate tea and snack bar each day truly does keep me full.  It’s also teaching me that {Read More}