Shaklee 180™ and Me – 2 Months Later…

So it’s actually been 2 months since I began this journey with the Shaklee 180™  Turnaround Kit.  Life has been crazy with lots of ups and downs.  But I truly believe I have this wonderful program to thank for NOT gaining weight this last month!  Here’s my vlog to tell you about it!  Be kind – I’m so worn out I didn’t even put make-up on before I created this!  lol This is a sponsored post as part of the {Read More}

One Month With Shaklee 180 {vlog}

March was my first complete month of being an official Shaklee 180 Blogger and I’ve creat my very first EVER vlog to share with you! Love Life, Love God, Live For HIM… This page has affiliate links.  I appreciate any use of these links in supporting our homeschool.  To find out all about my affiliate policy please go to my Site Policy page – Thank you. This is a sponsored post as part of the Shaklee Corporation blogger program. I have received free products, {Read More}

One Roll at a Time: Week 1

My diet/nutrition this week was… This was my first full week using the Shaklee 180™ Turnaround Kit and I am so thankful for it!  Not only was I not hungry but it all actually tastes good!  Who know right?!  I am averaging 1240-1250 calories a day so I’m right on target to have a healthy weight loss.  I will totally admit I am going through some junk food withdrawals though.  I’m not hungry at all BUT I will randomly start {Read More}

Here We Go – It’s Time to Begin Shaklee 180™

March 1, 2013 Today marks the official start of my newest journey to the new healthy and fit ME!  I am so thankful to be joining so many new blogging friends for the next 6 months – Thank You Shaklee 180™ for allowing us all to try out your products!  Brace yourself – this first post has a TON of information in it! Yes – I was truly so excited when my Shaklee 180™ Turnaround Kit showed up on my {Read More}

Awesome News – So Excited and a Little Nervous…

Well it’s no secret I have been struggling with my weight for a while now – like most of my adult life!  Growing up I was NEVER even a chubby kid always thin and fit – I was a dancer! I’m NOT supposed to be heavy let alone obese!  But it happened.  Slowly at first.  I started with gaining the “Honey Moon 10 pounds” my first year of marriage.  Then I slowly added 3-5 pounds each year after that.  By {Read More}