Join Me at One Roll at a Time

Join Me This Year At It’s the beginning of January – a whole new year awaits us!  Most of us are making resolutions/goals/plans for this awesome year that’s ahead of us.  But how many of us will keep to it?  What derails you?  What holds you back? Maybe we just need to form a community that will help keep us on track.  Help us stay motivated.  Help us not raid the cookie jar when we’re having a tough day! {Read More}

Awesome News – So Excited and a Little Nervous…

Well it’s no secret I have been struggling with my weight for a while now – like most of my adult life!  Growing up I was NEVER even a chubby kid always thin and fit – I was a dancer! I’m NOT supposed to be heavy let alone obese!  But it happened.  Slowly at first.  I started with gaining the “Honey Moon 10 pounds” my first year of marriage.  Then I slowly added 3-5 pounds each year after that.  By {Read More}