Organizing The New School Year – A Planning Series

Organizing The New School Year

A Planning Series

I can not believe we have finished our 11th year of homeschooling! Absolutely unbelievable to me. Where did the time go? This also means that my oldest has only 2 years left of high school. Yep, I’m in full-on crazy homeschool mom mode here.

In the past, I’ve started all this prep work after I finished the entire school year. However, life tends to jump in the way more and more lately. So here we are.

I’m spending the month of August sharing with you a few steps I take to get our homeschool, kiddos, and myself ready for the new year. We don’t just jump into it all willy-nilly like. There is a process. So, here are the topics I’ll be covering over the next 3 weeks:

  • A Year In Review:  I always begin by reviewing the year we just finished.
  • Choosing Curriculum:  Once you know what you all liked and didn’t like last year, you can then move on to the new stuff.
  • Letters Of Intent:  Each state is different, but I’ll be sharing what I do and a free download you can use.
  • Time To Plan:  You have a clean planner – don’t be afraid to fill it with fun!
  • School Room Prep:  Once you’ve begun planning you can then begin prepping that school room.
  • Prepping The Kiddos:  Time to pump up the kiddos.  Let them in on a few fun things – but give some teasers too!

My hope is that this will help you in starting your school year prep – it’s worked for me.  Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any of these upcoming articles:  Subscribe to

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