Your Homeschool Transcript Made Easy

homeschool transcript

Your Homeschool Transcript Made Easy

Homeschooling high school can be intimidating. Many people decide to enter their kids into traditional schools because we’re scared to mess it up. I totally get that, no judgment here. Teaching the classes of the upper grades (and relearning much of it yourself). Knowing what courses to even choose. To dual enroll or not. But one of the scariest decisions is how to create and organize your child’s homeschool transcript.

“How do I create a high school transcript?” is one of the most asked questions I see in all of the online communities and private consultations I do. I mean, the pressure is on to not mess this part up!

For this reason, I have to share with you My oldest is a Sophomore in high school this year and I was more than a little excited when Scott Meadows reached out to me and shared his company with me.

Super easy. Super fast. Super professional.

I sat down with Rachael’s courses and grades so far and about 20 minutes later I had her transcript ready to go. I used the audit feature and found a couple of errors I had made. Did a little tweaking and done! Now, she’s only halfway through her high school career so I didn’t send her transcript anywhere yet BUT I did print it out for myself.

Your child’s high school transcript now looks professional and colleges will receive them exactly how traditional school students are sending theirs.

  • Send secure watermark or digital transcripts directly from our Homeschool Clearinghouse to 4,397 colleges & universities.
  • Your #1 goal in the college application process is to establish TRUST with admissions departments.
  • Labels like Unsocialized, Unaccredited, Grade Inflation, and Parental Bias still exist.
  • Now homeschoolers can use the same preferred delivery method colleges expect.
  • Put your student on equal footing with public & private school students.
homeschool transcript

Features that set Fast Transcripts apart:

  • Error-catching algorithm (audit) flags 703 common mistakes
  • Send secure watermark or digital transcripts directly from our Homeschool Clearinghouse to 4,397 colleges & universities
  • Automated Course Names AND Course Descriptions

I am absolutely thrilled that I have one less worry about getting my girls into their college of choice.

Giveaway Time!

Fast Transcripts is graciously giving away one membership to one of you awesome Homeschoolin’ Mama readers! Enter below and share with your friends who need to create seriously professional homeschool transcripts.

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