Becoming an Intentional Homeschoolin Mama – Planning

Planning This just might be my all time favorite thing to do – planning!!!  Getting out all those pens, calendars, schedules and planning your day, month and year!  Woo Hoo!  Now that is an awesome time to me!  But some times the follow through is not as exciting to me.  So here are a few tools I use to keep me FOCUSED on my plans! Planning Your Homeschool Day I use a combination of things to schedule our homeschool days {Read More}

Becoming an Intentional Homeschoolin Mama – Time With God

So you want to become an Intentional Homeschoolin’ Mama, huh?  Well, then you need to start by becoming intentional about your time with God!  You can’t expect Him to bless your homeschool if you’re not spending time with Him can you? I truly believe this!  We always start our homeschool day by asking God to bless our day and show us what He wants us to learn and then dive into our Bible lessons.  I don’t see any other way {Read More}

Motivating Your Kiddos

Motivating Your Kiddos When I first started homeschooling Rachael this year, it went fantastic! She loved learning every day and she loved having Mommy as her Teacher. It was something new and exciting! Every thing was coming very easy to her and she woke up every day ready to learn. Then the work began to get a little harder and we were covering things that she had not seen before. She didn’t like not being right with the first answer {Read More}