31 Days of Thanks ~ Homeschooling

Making the final decision to actually homeschool was one of the scariest, nerve-racking, decisions of our lives.  We were so worried about taking on something this important to our child.  What if we totally mess this sweet, smart, beautiful little girl up?

Now, three years later, I am constantly reminded by God that homeschooling was the right decision for us.

Roo and I started with half a year of Preschool and she flew through it!
Kindergarten came and she absolutely flourished!
In First Grade she was reading at a Second Grade level and I was learning NOT to hold her back.
Second Grade (this year) we even added a new student to our roster – Boo!  She is so eager to be like Big Sissy.  When you say it’s school time she runs to her seat!
These precious little chix are my life.  Being their Mama is one of the greatest honors I’ve ever been given.  My hubby works very hard to provide for us so that I am able to stay home and focus completely on our chix and their education.  
I am both honored and blessed to homeschool our girls and for that I am Thankful!

To say THANK YOU to ALL of our AMAZING & FAITHFUL READERS we’ve had MASSIVE GIVEAWAYS each week with several winners each time!  Today is our last day of this series and the giveaway.  So don’t delay – enter today!!!

This weeks Giveaways are…

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