31 Days of Thanks: My Hubby

     This past weekend my wonderful hubby and I celebrated 17 years of marriage together! 
What’s just as amazing to me is that this May will mark 22 years that we have been together –
 well over half of my life!
So I just had to dig through and scan in some of our old photos (ancient photos if you ask Roo about them).  

     Our first date was his Senior Prom (way back in 1991).  

He was a Senior and I was a Freshman.  We started out with the typical high school relationship – I love you – I love you not!  Plenty of laughter and a few tears.  But we soon realized that there was more than just “he’s a hot jock” and “she’s so cute and little”.  

And my poor family only saw me like this!  
Yes, my mother actually took a picture of me on the phone with David.  Since this is all I did she said she didn’t want to miss out on photos of me for the next few years!  

We were so young when we said I do – just 24 for David and nearly 20 (2 months shy) for me.  I know our family’s were worried about our age and were we ready for such a massively important decision.  I am so grateful for all the prayers they poured over us!
Today this is the man I an fortunate enough to say I am madly in love with!
He is:
Saved for ME by our God
The Father of our children
The Spiritual Leader of our Family
Our Provider
My Support System
And I am eternally grateful for God bring this man into my life and giving him to me and me to him!
Love Life, Love God and Live For HIM …

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