31 Days of Thanks ~ Week 5 Winners!!!

I pray that you are all being blessed by the beautiful post each of this weeks bloggers have given us!
I want to thank each of these weeks wonderful bloggers for helping bring this all together:
Social Savvy Mom, The Unlikely Homeschool , Our Abundant Blessings, and Gricefully Homeschooling.  Each of the ladies gave us something wonderful to think about and be thankful for – and I am thankful for each of them!
It’s now time for what you all have been waiting for!
This Weeks Winners!!!!

Lilla Rose product from Slowly Natural

The Winner Is…
#226   Amber W.
The Winner Is…
#520   Lindsay W.

The Winner Is…
#44   Lorea E.

Jumbo Bananagram Kit from Timberdoodle

The Winner Is…
#728   Felicia J.

Shop Homeschoolin’ Mama Gear  “I’m a… Homeschoolin’ Mama”  Jumbo Tote  

The Winner Is…
#925   Shelly R.

The Winner Is…
# 678   Brenda A.

Family Time Fitness Core Curriculum Packages

The Winner Is…
#423   Heather B.

Are you one of the winners?


Be on the look out for an email from ME Homeschoolin Mama to officially announce YOU’RE THE WINNER – and collect a little info from you! 
But hurry – You only have 48 hours to respond before Rafflecopter chooses another winner!!

Thank you all so much for joining us in this years 31 Days of Thanks!  I hope you had fun and found some new friends in Homeschooling!

Love Life, Love God, Live For HIM…

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