A Walk Through Our Homeschool Day

A Walk Through Our Homeschool Day

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A Walk Through Our Homeschool Day

A Walk Through Our Homeschool Day

Like most homeschoolers our schedule can change from day to day.  But for the most part I do try to keep us on a schedule that works for us.  Each year it gets tweaked a bit but here is what most of our days look like.

In my post Organizing The New School Year – Time to Plan I gave you a download to create your own daily homeschool schedule (with our schedule as an example for you).  Now I’m going to break that down for you.

A Walk Through Our Homeschool Day

Our Daily Homeschool Schedule

6:00am          I start my day – workout video/Bible study/shower (this is new for me this year and a major struggle for me – so not a morning person)

7:00am          Time for the kiddos to get up and get moving!

7:30am          Breakfast time – Roo begins our devotion time while I fix breakfast then I finish them.

8:00am    Our school morning time begins with the Pledge of Allegiance, prayer, and calendar/planner work to check out our day.

8:30-12:00    Our subjects are arranged so that I can work with one kiddo while the other is working on their own with another subject.  This has been working wonderfully for us this year.  With the large age difference between my girls I have definitely struggled with this in the past.

A Walk Through Our Homeschool Day

12:00-1:00     Lunch break!  This gives us a nice time to eat and unwind a bit.  On nice days we take a short walk before we get back at it again.

1:00-2:30        Finishing up our school day.  Some days we don’t need to keep going all the way 2:30pm but we have it blocked out just in case.

2:30-3:30        I make dinner!  No we are not eating dinner this early.  We are a dance family and dinner is eaten at the studio each night for my girls.

4:30-8:30       DANCE!!!  Monday – Thursday we are at the studio for both girls.  Roo is on 3 dance/acro teams and doing a duet for competitions this year.  This requires many hours of dance time at the studio.  Boo is not competing BUT she is not about to be left out of all the dance time.  She has just 4 classes this year of her own.

9:00pm            Bed Time – Finally bed time (and that means time for this Mama to work)

A Walk Through Our Homeschool Day

What does your homeschool day look like?

Are you scheduled?  Or casual?

Love Life, Love God, Live For HIM…

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