Apples to Zebras – Preschool Curriculum

Apples To Zebras - An Interactive Workbook For Preschool & Kindergarten

Apples To Zebras - An Interactive Workbook For Preschool & Kindergarten

Apples to Zebras

An ABC Workbook for Preschool and Kindergarten

Starting kindergarten is a rite of passage for kids. But what if your child isn’t quite ready? What if they just need a little more time to learn and comprehend their letters? What if they’re not ready for full-on Kindergarten curriculum?

Apples to Zebras is the solution! This simple and easy-to-print program allows children to start their own schoolwork, while maintaining a fun and interactive environment.

I truly wish I had this for our youngest when she was in preschool.  As you know, last year we did a Kindergarten Take 2 for her (the best decision I’ve made so far) and this workbook would have been absolutely perfect for her!

Printable pages, Hands-On Activities & Lesson Plans

  • Printable pages make this a simple and easy preschool and kindergarten workbook. No need to store another book on the shelf. Simply print and go.
  • There are Hands-On Activities for every letter included in the workbook. Plus extras to review the entire alphabet – from puzzles to flashcards and more.
  • Lesson Plans for a 3-day teaching week are included. With links to books, crafts, recipes and more you will have everything you need in this one workbook.

Grab your Apples to Zebras Workbook now and add your Prewriting Workbook for an added help:
Apples to Zebras: An ABC Workbook
Prewriting: A Shapes & Lines Workbook

I’d love to hear what you are using for Preschool and Kindergarten this year!  Did you purchase this Workbook?  How are you going to use it in your homeschool?


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