Kinder Kids Printables Page Is Here

Kinder Kids - Fun printables for the Kindergartner in your life! #HSMama #KinderKids #kindergarten #printables #homeschool

Kinder Kids - Fun printables for the Kindergartner in your life! #HSMama #KinderKids #kindergarten #printables #homeschool

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Kinder Kids Printables

Now Have Their Own Page

Well it’s about time right?!  The Kinder Kids Learning Packs now have their own page where you can quickly find that resource you need!!

Find everything you need for your kindergarten students with just one click.  Individual Letter Learning Packs or buy it bundled and save BIG!  Daily Notebook, Monthly Reading Log and even Letter Flashcards.  Plus I will be adding to the Kinder Kids Printables every month in 2017!!  So be sure to keep checking back!  Okay, hop on over to the Kinder Kids Printables Page and find:

Kinder Kids Individual Letters

Kinder Kids - Letter Aa Bundle

In each of these Kinder Kids Letter Bundle I have included:

Letter Flashcard, Alphabet Line Up Puzzle, Color by Number Page, Get Ready For Handwriting, Letter Handwriting Practice, 2 Bible Verse Handwriting, 2 Coloring Pages, Phonics Time Page, and Letter Maze.

Or bundle it and save!

Kinder Kids A-Z Letter Learning Bundle

Letter A-Z Bundle - Kinder Kids - Grab the ABC Cards, My Daily Notebook, My Monthly Reading Log & The ENTIRE Alphabet A-Z Letter Sets! HUGE SAVINGS!!! #HSMama #KinderKids #kindergarten #printables #homeschool


My Daily Notebook

HM-KK Daily Notebook 2016-2017

In this My Daily Notebook – Kinder Kids I have included:

My Homeschool Planner, Monthly Calendar 2016-2017 (with and without numbers) to use along with your Saxon Math K as well as just a daily calendar, Year-Month-Day Handwriting, Time & Weather Daily Sheet, Monthly Weather Tracking Sheets. This Daily Notebook for your Kinder Kids is packed full with a total of 100 pages!

My Monthly Reading Log

My Monthly Reading Log

In each of these Kinder Kids – My Monthly Reading Log I have included:

Two log sheets for ever month.  You can choose to use one with a colorful header or one you student can color in for themselves.  Each month you can set your own goal for the amount of time your student reads each day.  When they have finished their reading they simply color in one of the objects.  If using for school purposes you can simply have a parent sign the sheet before the student turns it in.

Kinder Kids Flashcards

ABC Flashcards & Wall Decor from by Meg Hykes

These bright, colorful and fun cards are fantastic for any school room and for your kiddos to use as flashcards! Just download, print on cardstock, laminate and cut out – your vibrant learning tools are ready!


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