Mama Moments: Schedule Your Life

     For several months now I have been flying by the seat of my pants, so to speak.  Each night before I go to bed I run through all I need to do the next day and before I fall asleep I have a basic game plan for the day in my head.
     The next morning begins just as I thought it would.  I get my kids up and moving, pack a lunch for the hubby and head out the door to drop him off at the train station by 6:15am.  But on the way home Boo (my baby) may fall asleep and because I didn’t sleep much (she’s cutting teeth so that’s pretty much the norm right now) I decide to nap with my girls when we get home.
     We all wake up and I realize it’s nearly 9:00am!!!  We haven’t had breakfast yet and I still need to get cleaned up for the day!  I hate, and I really mean HATE, running behind.  I end up spending so much time being worried about getting everything accomplished that day – I end up getting through only about a 1/3 of it.
     This seemed to be happening to me a lot these past few months, since we moved.  I don’t mean I take naps every day (which sounds fabulous) but I get off track to easily and lose all my focus for the day.
     So I finally decided to write out a schedule for myself.  Years ago I did this all of the time and it always helped me stay in a better frame of mind, stay calm and accomplish so much more.
     I have been in love with Jen’s IHeart Organizing Blog for awhile now.  So I quickly decided to snoop around her whole blog and see how she organizes her time.  That is how I found her Free Printables Page!!!  Now I am REALLY in love with her blog!!  You must hop right over there and download your own super cute pages – you will love it!

I decided to post them on my fridge so I had to look at them multiple times every day.  I created my own Weekly Routine Schedule where each item I must do everyday has it’s own time slot.  I’m using her “A Peak at the Week” Schedule to keep track of what cleaning I need to do each day and another one for my workout video schedule.

I have also decided to use the “A Peak at the Week” Schedule for blogging.  I have two blogs going and I want to stay organized with them – no more running behind.  So I plan out my blogging topics here, for the what, when and where it should go.  Not to mention she has a super cute “My Fabulous Blog Ideas” page that is a must for all bloggers.

*Jen has not asked me to write about her super awesome blog.  In fact, I should probably send her an e-mail and let her know that I did.  Ha! I just absolutely love all that I have found on her blog and wanted to share!  You can also follow her on Twitter and Facebook if you’d like.
     It’s only been a week since I started my scheduled life and I have to say it’s been much better.  I will still have a day when things don’t go as planned for sure.  But now I can quickly look at my Weekly Routine and decided where I want it to go instead!  No panic, no worry just re-organizing!

Mama Moments

It’s Link Up Time!!!  Share your posts about YOUR Mama Moments here!  Do you have a fabulous post about scheduling or getting organized?  Link it up!  Feel free to add my “Mama Moments” badge to your post as well. Keep checking back to find other helpful posts that are linked up through out the day!  
I can’t wait to read them ALL!

Love Life, Love God and Live For HIM …
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