Monthly – Quarterly – Annual Cleaning Checklist



Monthly Checklists
  • Clean/Change Out HVAC Filter
  • Clean Kitchen Sink Disposal
  • Clean Range Hood Filter
  • Inspect/Replace Fire Extinguisher(s)
  • Clean Out Closets For The Season (this is for the beginning of each new season/quarter)
Quarterly Checklists
  • Test Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Test Garage Door Auto-Reverse Feature
  • Check Water Softener, Add Salt if Needed
  • Deep Clean House  –  Move Furniture
  • Vacuum Refrigerator Coils
  • Clean Windows (Outside Weather Permitting)
Annual Cleaning Checklist
  • Winter Cleaning/Maintenance Checklist
    • Tighten Any Handles, Knobs, Racks, etc.
    • Check All Locks And Deadbolts On Your Doors And Windows
    • Remove Showerheads And Clean Sediment
    • Deep Clean And Inspect The Basement
  • Spring Cleaning/Maintenance Checklist
    • Check The Exterior of Your House And Drainage
    • Clean Out Gutters
    • Get Your Air Conditioning System Ready For Summer
    • Clear Dead Plants/Shrubs From The House
    • Check Trees For Interference With Electric Lines
    • Inspect Roofing For Damage, Leaks, etc.
  • Summer Cleaning/Maintenance Checklist
    • Check Grout in Bathrooms, Kitchen, etc.  –  Repair as Needed
    • Inspect Plumbing for Leaks, clean Aerators on Faucets
    • Clean And Repair Deck/Patio as Needed
    • Clean Out Window Wells of Debris
    • Check/Clean Dryer Vent & All Exhaust Vents to Exterior of Home
    • Clean Garage
  • Fall Cleaning/Maintenance Checklist
    • Flush Hot Water Heater And Remove Sediment
    • Winterize Air Conditioning System
    • Get Heating System Ready For Winter
    • Turn Off And Flush Outdoor Water Faucets
    • Get Chimney Cleaned
    • Test Sump Pump
    • Check Driveway/Pavement For Cracks


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