Summer Lovin’

Summer Lovin'

Summer Lovin'

Summer Lovin’

A few weeks ago I wrote an article Summer Is Here – Now What?  I talked about actually focusing on me this summer.  Creating that “me time” I actually need.  As Mamas we tend to put all of our time and energy in our families, which is wonderful.  But it also means we aren’t focusing on ourselves and tending to our own needs.  As a rule.  I have definitely fallen into this pattern and that’s why I’ve dedicated this summer to taking care of me.

Of course I’m still taking care of my family as well.  I’m not making them fend for themselves this summer.  But I’m being intentional and scheduling time to focus on me, my health and spiritual needs.

So, today I want to go a little further with this and talk about incorporating your “me time” into some amazing summer fun!

  • Fun In The Sun:  Whether you’re blessed with a pool in your backyard, community pool, private pool or a great YMCA pool – get out and enjoy the summer sun!  Lather those kiddos up with sunscreen (safe summer fun) and hit the pool early in the morning.  While you’re at the pool find those little moments where you can read, Bible study, journal, listen to pod casts/books, etc. for yourself.  I know.  I know.  That’s super tough to do if you have little ones or non-swimmers.  This is when swim lessons are a wonderful asset to YOU!  Your kids learn a great tool for life and you get to pour into yourself for 30 minutes!
  • Outdoor Fun:  Planned outdoor fun can be a sanity saver.  Simple sprinkler time in the backyard or outdoor games get the kids up and moving in that beautiful fresh air.  Plus, YOU can take that time to sit outside and read, listen to uplifting music, or maybe even give yourself a mani-pedi.  But NO you are not in planning mode for the next school year.  YES – planning outside is amazing (and I always feel totally pumped for the new school year when I do) but THIS IS NOT “ME TIME”!  Plan outside – yes.  But spend some outdoor time for just you.
  • Keep It Fun:  Are you sensing a theme yet – Summer = Fun!  Find something that you want to do for yourself and make it a fun project for you and your kids to do together.  Are you trying to eat healthier (and possibly loose weight)?  Have the kids help you plan out a few healthy meals and create these new creations with you.  Or maybe begin walking in the morning but have the kids do lunges for one block, jumping jacks the next, and walk backwards for the next block.  Trust me, this one will increase your ab muscles as you laugh your way through.
  • Chill Time:  Plan time to just chill.  Seriously – schedule this into your days.  I know some days you’re super swamped and can’t even imagine down time.  So maybe start with just one day a week where you are all just reading a book for 30 minutes.  If all your kids are readers this is a great time for you to get some reading in for yourself.  Something that will encourage you, strengthen your faith and keep you motivated as a homeschoolin’ mama!
  • Mama Time:  If you haven’t created this, much needed, Mama Time yet – now is the time to do it!  For those of us who are NOT morning people getting up before the kids sounds like the craziest idea.  Right!?  I love sleeping in the morning!  But I have to say, getting up just 30 minutes before my girls do and diving into a Bible Study, has been one of the best changes I’ve made in my life.  Getting that quiet time before my day begins has truly helped my sanity through out the day.  Do you know Francessca Battistlie’s The Crazy Kicks In?  Oh, you really should!  It will so hit home for you!

Basically it comes down to this…Don’t sacrifice your healthy and sanity just because you’re a mom.  No where does it say that a good mom only takes care of her family and should neglect herself.  If it does, run from that advice.  Eventually you are going to feel empty and useless because you aren’t refreshing yourself.  Don’t let yourself fall into that trap.  If you have already…STOP…Right NOW is the time to make the change.  It’s time you show your self some serious love.  You’re kids need to see you care for yourself too!

How are you creating “Me Time” this summer?  Are you showing your self some Summer Lovin’?  Share with me your tips and plans for this summer either here or on Social Media!  I’d love to hear about it!

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