Deprivation-Free Holiday Meals (Take That, Food Allergies)

Deprivation-Free Holiday Meals (Take That, Food Allergies) The Holidays are all about getting together with friends and family.  Sharing old stories and making new ones.  Playing games and exchanging gifts.  All it this happens around some serious delicious food right?!  For some, the food part is what they dread.  Or maybe even have a fear of – the food allergies. I’ve been fortunate so far that no one in my immediate family has a food allergy.  But we do have {Read More}

Family Chili Recipe

Hearty Family Chili Okay, I have finally remembered to take photos while cooking our chili dinner!  Seriously – we eat this all winter long and I’m just NOW sharing it!  Yikes! So you will see that I really like to make my Chili as lean and low sodium as possible.  If we’re going to eat it all the time I want it to be as healthy as it can be.  But some times it’s difficult finding the low sodium seasonings {Read More}

Cookin With Homeschoolin Mama: Burrito Bake

Burrito Bake Recipe I thought I would share with all of you one of my family’s favorite dinner – Burrito Bake!  This meal is such a staple to our family that it was requested to be the first meal in our new home – to truly make it feel like home! It’s perfect for the cold days we’ve been having and makes fantastic leftovers! Brown your ground meat so that it is completely cooked through.  I like to use ground {Read More}