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What an wonderful response to these printables!  I am so amazed (and a little happy that so many others are in need of organization).  
I want to let you know that last weeks printables are no longer ready for download here on my blog BUT they are on my Facebook Page (for a limited time).  Jump on over to Homeschoolin Mama Facebook and click the “Only Likers” button (just under the Cover Picture) and you can download all three from there.  YES, I did say “All Three”!  Because you all are so awesome I added in a Blog Post Cover for your binder as well!  I mean – we want the cover to be super cute too right!?!

Now on to this weeks topic:  Research and Drafts

     I don’t know about you, but when I research something, I tend to have post-it notes going every where.  I’m not bashing post-it notes, I love them dearly (again – office supply addiction) but I do tend to lose them.  Or better yet the kiddos take off with them because, “They’re super cool Mom – they stick to things!”  With this in mind I decided to create myself a Blog Post Research sheet.  Here you have a space for everything you need for your research and you can neatly keep it in your Blog Post Organizer (which you are making right).  You have a space for your Blog Title, Tags you may want to use, Blog (in case you’re running more than one or Guest Posting), Post Date and Due Date.  Then for your research part you have a space for websites you use, any contacts you make, and loads of notes!  I also added a spot at the bottom for you to keep notes on your a giveaway or again your guest posts.  I actually like to save The Blog Post Research papers – just in case I need to check something out later on.
     When it comes to writing a post I am totally old school.  I use paper and pen!  I know right – Who does that?  Well, if you have a hubby who works 80 hours a week and squeezing all your blogging in at nap times or play breaks – you use paper and pen!  Ha!  Actually, it’s mostly because I just really like to write with a pen, not so much a keyboard.  So, I had to have a super cute paper to write on (plain old note book paper just wasn’t cutting it any more) and so the Blog Post Draft paper was born!  You have a space for your Blog Post Title and all of your writing of course. At the bottom again you have a place to write which blog it is posting on, the date and then a little reminder for you to check off what Social Media you used: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.  I keep mine in my portfolio so I can easily tote it around the house and write when I’m inspired (or can get a spare minute).  Then I store them in my organizer after I’ve posted them here on my blog.
Oh, yeah.  I had a little fun the other day and created a custom one just for myself – Homeschoolin Mama!  Cute right?  I can do this for you too by the way – send me a note and I can tell you all about it!
Here are this weeks {FREE} Printables: Blog Post Research & Blog Post Draft
Don’t wait to long – they won’t last forever!
**Don’t forget** 
If you missed last weeks {FREE} Printables just jump on over to Homeschoolin Mama Facebook and click on the “Only Likers” icon and download them there (and receive a bonus Cover Page)!
Y’all ROCK!!!  
I am so thrilled that so many of you are enjoying these printables and are really using them!  Are you creating your own Blog Post Organizer?  I would love to see them ALL.  Next week is my final post for this series (with Freebies of course) and I will be ending it with a Linky Party!  
So get ready and get your organization on!
Love Life, Love God and Live For HIM …
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