Happy New Year – Bringing In 2021

Happy New Year
Bringing In 2021

If you’re like me you’re extremely excited to begin a new year. 2020 was a spicy disaster and the idea of starting with a clean slate sounds wonderful. But, does that really work? When the clock strikes midnight does 2020 simply disappear and everything is new again? I believe we can by changing our mindset, our focus. Let’s talk about the changes we can make.

2020 was overwhelming and chaotic. 2021 is going to take focus and dedication on each of us to change the narrative. That’s why my word for the year is FOCUS! It’s time to put my focus back on God where it should always be. Stop dwelling on the unknown and things I can not change. Focus on God and His plans.

Are you feeling the same way? Are you ready to shift your focus? I’d love for you to join me and let’s make the change together. Join me on my Facebook page and private community. But don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you’re in the know FIRST!

Love Life, Love God, & Live For Him…