Kinder Kids – My Daily Notebook

Kinder Kids - Daily Notebook

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Kinder Kids - Daily Notebook

Kinder Kids – Daily Notebook

My baby is in Kindergarten!!!  She is just growing up way too fast – but not as fast as she thinks.  She is always trying to keep up with her sister (who is in 5th grade) and, well, you know she’s just not there.  So when Roo got her planner in for the new school year Boo was more than a little upset that SHE didn’t have one.  That’s where this notebook idea came in.

Kinder Kids (my new learning series for this homeschool year) Daily Notebook has over 100 pages for your little ones to plan away!

My Daily Planner

My Homeschool Planner

Monthly Calendar (with and without numbers) to use along with your Saxon Math K as well as just a daily calendar

My Daily Planner 1

Year-Month-Day Handwriting Pages

My Daily Planner 2

Time & Weather Daily Sheet

My Daily Planner 4

Monthly Weather Tracking Sheets

Kinder Kids - My Daily Notebook
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*Updated for the 2016-2017 School Year*

Teachers Notebook

Teachers Pay Teachers


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