Motivating Your Kiddos

Motivating Your Kiddos

Motivating Your Kiddos

Motivating Your Kiddos

When I first started homeschooling Rachael this year, it went fantastic! She loved learning every day and she loved having Mommy as her Teacher. It was something new and exciting! Every thing was coming very easy to her and she woke up every day ready to learn.

Then the work began to get a little harder and we were covering things that she had not seen before. She didn’t like not being right with the first answer she gave. I should have seen this coming, she is the first born of two first born’s – of course she’s always right! But I was not prepared for this. It had all been going so smoothly that I just thought “Wow – I am one lucky mom – this is fantastic”! I felt like a complete failure and immediately started thinking “Why did I think this was a good idea?”

All of a sudden she just started going through the motions. When you would ask her what sound an “A” made she would tell you all the other vowels and then give you the A. Her coloring went from trying to stay in the lines to scribbling. I mean, I’m not looking for perfection (she’s only 4) but her effort left completely. What had happened to my totally motivated little girl?

How Can I Help Her?

I started racking my brain for ways to at least get through this year (with out losing my sanity and completely turning Rachael off of school). Then I realized that A Beka has these little awards printed on the inside cover of a few of there workbooks. I cut them out and told Rachael that every time she did her best and staid focused she would get an award – for each subject each day. Guess what? After two days of learning the difference between doing her best and messing around – she is earning awards like crazy! I am so excited! She is completely motivated by these little pieces of cardboard – WOW! I mean really, who knew that little pieces of paper could do so much!

Motivating Your Kiddos

The moral of the story? I am now planning out what kind of awards I will be making for each subject we will be covering next year! I am not a crafty person but I will be making some super flashy ones, something Fancy Nancy would want to earn!

Love Life, Love God, Live For HIM…

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