One Roll at a Time: Week 3

Weight Loss, Fitness, Dieting

Weight Loss, Fitness, Dieting

My diet/nutrition this week was…

I made sure I was very strict with my diet this week.  I followed the Shaklee 180™ Turnaround Kit Nutrition Plan exactly this week – no deviating what-so-ever.  I am so proud of myself for this!!  It took two weeks for it to truly sink in that this is a lifestyle change – not a diet.  I finally get it.  I am finally truly paying attention to my portions and how balanced my dinners are!  Let me tell you – sure I may have been having salads for dinner.  But my portions of toppings – way off!  For now I am measuring everything out to make sure I am staying true to the actual “serving size” to track my calories.  But I’m sure one day I will be able to eyeball it (checking myself only now and again).

I burned calories by…

I am ashamed to say – none!  This week has been a truly crazy busy week.  I have been on the phone more than I ever have and my house  –  well, it looks like it’s been a crazy busy week.  I just let things go and take over that I shouldn’t have.  I didn’t make working out a priority – no focus!

My weigh-in/measurements this week are…

One Roll at a Time - Week 3 Weigh-In with Shaklee 180™ Turnaround Kit @HomeschoolnMama

My greatest accomplishment was…

Well my nutrition was amazing!  But the fact that I actually lost 1.8 lbs this week – shocking!  I have to say THAT is definitely my greatest accomplishment!

The hardest thing for me to tackle was…

I seriously need someone to come to my house each morning and make me get out of bed and workout.  I’ve asked my sweet hubby multiple times but the poor guy can only take me telling him to get away from me so many times!  I need a Jillian!!!

My favorite healthy recipe…

Thanks to the fabulous Shaklee 180™ Bloggers I have a new love – Betty Lou’s Organic Powdered Peanut Butter!

Oh my goodness!  This baby is only 45 calories for 2T where regular peanut butter is 190 calories for 2T!!!  Yes please!  I add this to my Shaklee 180™ Chocolate Smoothee with a banana and total yum!  

Tips and tricks that worked for me…

Tip:  Push through all those cravings you are going to have.  Tell yourself to ignore them – you don’t hear them!!!  My week 3 of sticking to the nutrition plan truly was a turning point for me.  Sure I want some junk here and there but it’s nothing like it was.  I just get my self busy with something else and I forget about it!  Let’s face it – I’m a homeschoolin mama (building a business from home) there is always something else to do!

Something that inspired me this week (quotes, photos and/or link)…

food you eat

I pinned this this week because it is a great reminder to watch what I eat in more ways than one.  I found this on Alejandra Ramos blog – which by the way is a beautiful blog to follow!

Goals and plan for next week…

Um… I’m not going to share this week!  The last two weeks I have talked about my grand plans of working out and then done nothing.  So this week – I’ll pass!  We’ll just wait and see!

So, what have you been up to this week?
Did you stick to your plans?

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 Love Life, Love God, Live For HIM…

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