One Roll at a Time

One Roll at a Time

Many of us are spending our adult lives battling with weight gain.  Maybe you’re over weight since you became a mom.  Maybe you have battled with your weight all of your life.  We all have different stories to tell of how we got to the weight we are at today and our journey with the struggle of weight loss.  But we all have one thing in common – we don’t want to stay over weight!

As a homeschool mama I have also come to realize I had another hurdle to over come – when can I actually find the time to do something about it?

I am so very grateful for all of my time with my girls, but it does make it more difficult to find the time to take care of myself!

On my blog One Roll at a Time I hope to encourage others that are on this weight loss/healthy living lifestyle.  But I also created a private Facebook Group just for Homeschoolin’ Mamas!  We have different obstacles from other Mamas so who better than to encourage you than another homeschool mom!

It is a private group so you can only find it by clicking on One Roll at a Time – Homeschoolin’ Mamas and requesting an invite to the group.  We are here for encouragement only.  So anyone not following the guidelines will be removed.  If you’re looking for a safe space we’d love to have you.

Burnin’ The Fat…

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