Raising Proverbs 31 Women: Her Behavior

Raising Proverbs 31 Women Her Behavior

Raising Proverbs 31 Women

Her Behavior

Today we will begin looking at the excellent wife’s behavior.

  • What did she do that made her so wonderful?  
  • Are there actions we should be teaching our daughters to strive for?  
  • What was important to the Proverbs 31 Woman?

Proverbs 31:13-14 {ESV}

She seeks wool and flax, and works with willing hands.  She is like the ships of the merchant; she brings her food from afar.

Her Behavior {Biblical Times}

She seeks for wool and flax.  Brings her food from afar.  She didn’t just look around her immediate area or closest town and say “Eh, that will do.  It’s close and easy and cheap.”  She searched for the best for her family and didn’t stop until she got it.  Making sure her family has the best she could find is a major priority and she does it willingly.  She’s not heading out to find these things mumbling under her breath or bothered that she needs to run around to find everything.  She does this because of her great love for her family.

So how should our behavior look today?

Well, obviously we won’t be searching high and low for wool and flax these days.  But I do think this means we should be looking for the highest quality of clothing for our family, not just what is cheap and easy.  I know we all have very different budgets and we need to be good stewards of our money.  I am in no way saying we need to bust our budgets to do this.  This just means we need to make sure we are seeking out the best deals on the highest quality items.

  • Clothing: This may mean we shop at thrift stores or second-hand stores.  You can find some of your top brands (best quality brands) there while keeping in your clothing budget.  It’s definitely not going to be a one-stop shopping trip and it will take some hunting on your part.
  • Food:  Fast food, genetically altered food, and foods that are overly processed are most definitely NOT the best foods for our families.  They are cheap and easy but not something we should be serving them.  These are not things the Excellent Wife even had to consider but it is something we need to think about.  To bring the best foods from afar for our family would be stocking up on fresh foods, natural/organic foods, and non-processed.
  • Works with Willing Hands:  Finding all of this for our family and preparing all of the meals (which will take longer because they are not processed) will take more time out of our day for us.  It will require more work.  But the Proverbs 31 Woman is not about short cuts – she is about providing the best for the people she loves and cares about.  That is her priority.

How do we teach this to our daughters?

A couple of years ago I started explaining to my daughter (she was about 5 years old at the time) why we didn’t eat fast food.  I told her it wasn’t good for our bodies and since our bodies were a gift from God we should make sure we are taking very good care of them.  I explained that fast food was full of fat and processed with things that should never really even be inside your body.  She seemed totally fine with that answer and we really didn’t need to discuss it much after that.  A few months later we were in the process of moving from New York to Chicago.  So we were on the road and needed to stop for a meal.  We stopped at a fast-food restaurant and my daughter (in her not so quiet voice) says, “Mama, why are we eating here!  It’s soooo bad for your body!”  Embarrassing, yes!  But she got it!!!

I think if we explain to our daughters why we are making the choices we are making they will get it – even at the young ages.  Keep it positive! Always making sure you aren’t disgusted about doing it, but that you are happy to be finding only the best for your family while being a good steward of your finances.  Our attitudes will greatly determine how our daughters take to this.  If they think its a chore or upsetting to search for the best – why would they ever want to do it for their families someday?

While you are seeking far and wide for the best clothing and food for your family, explain to your daughters why you are doing this.

  • That, as their Mom, you only want the best for them.
  • That this includes their clothing and what they put into their bodies.
  • And that you do this, shopping far and wide because you also want to be a good steward of your family money.

What Do You Think?

So how will YOU begin showing your daughters these behaviors?

Are you already doing this?

What can YOU share with us that have worked for you?

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