10 Things I’ve Learned About Myself Through Homeschooling Girls

10 Things I’ve Learned About Myself While Homeschooling Girls

You just never know what you’re going to learn when you’re homeschooling your kiddos.

1. I’m actually capable of teaching my own children!

When my husband and I first began talking about homeschooling this was my biggest concern. How am I going to teach my kids anything? I’m not a teacher. I never went to college. I wasn’t the best student when I was in school. How am I going to teach my girls and not hold them back? I’ve learned that you really don’t need to know everything to homeschool your kiddos. There are amazing courses out there just waiting for you to pick up and learn with your children.

2.  It’s okay to admit I don’t “know” something to my girls.

Yes – When my girls come up with a question and I have no idea of the answer (or even when I’m not totally convinced my thought is correct) – saying/admitting “I don’t know” is a totally legitimate answer to your kids! As long as your next response is – Let’s go look that up together and find out! My girls love being a part of the research team.

3.  Patience is NOT a gift I have been given.

I would love to say that being patient with my girls was something that came easy to me or I was even good at it. I am no Michelle Duggar. I wish I was some days. So calm and soft-spoken with all of her kids! But God is always working on me and helping me see that this is an area I need to work on in my life – for myself and for my family. Since homeschooling, I have been more aware of just how much I need to work and concentrate my effort on being that patient soft-spoken mom when my children need that from me.

4.  I cherish my quiet time.

So many homeschool moms are so quick to say they “homeschool because they love being with their kids“. It’s very true, I absolutely LOVE being with my girls – LOVE these times together! But that doesn’t mean I don’t need some quiet time to myself. I believe we need that quiet time to dig into God’s Word and replenish ourselves as Moms each day. I work on my blogging and VA work at night after my house is quiet and sleeping. But I have found it is so important to ME to wake an hour earlier than my girls to study God’s Word and talk with Him about my day to come. I feel a calm that I just can not describe when I began my day with my quiet time with the Lord.

5.  Showing love to my girls is the only way to teach.

Teaching through love (with a loving heart) is the only way you are truly going to reach your children. If you just stand there and recite what your teacher’s books tell you to teach – you are going to have a very long and unremarkable homeschool experience. Teaching from my heart with love, excitement, and passion for what we are learning has brought our homeschool to life.

6.  Becoming “crafty” is something you can learn.

I still do NOT consider myself to be a “crafty mom.” I’m not creating fabulous projects on my own or anything like that. But Pinterest has made me realize that you can learn to be crafty. There is so much to learn from all of those wonderful bloggers who have been blessed with this gift and are sharing their step-by-step process. I may not be creating something unique but my girls are finally having craft time (and fun while doing it).

7.  My addiction to school supplies is worse than I thought!

I may need some sort of “group therapy” for my over-the-top LOVE of school/office supplies! Honestly – my hubby has needed to “ground” me from these stores on a regular basis. If we go over budget one week you can be sure it’s because I was caught in the school/office supply aisles in Target and couldn’t control myself. I always knew this was a problem for me BUT homeschooling my girls makes me feel like I have a legitimate reason to own it ALL (whether I actually do or not).

8.  Having a written schedule helps keep ME and my girls focused.

I love having a schedule!  I feel like my day flows right when I know what’s coming my way next – I am not very good at “flying by the seat of my pants.” But I’ve noticed my girls are the same way too. They tend to stay focused better if they see the checklist and know what they need to accomplish during that specific day. We recently switched to Homeschool Tracker and I am loving that I can have it all on my laptop and I can just check it off right there as we go!

9.  Making things pink & purple with glitter, rhinestones, and feathers really does help you learn better.

I have never been a girly girl! I have always liked more earth tones and casual clothes and decorating. So it was a huge surprise to me when I had not one but TWO super girly girls! I’m talking princess gowns daily, tiaras, rhinestones, and glitter EVERYWHERE! My home has become a sea of pink and purple glitz! Do you know what? Having that tiara on and hot pink wig really does make you learn so much better – well as long as you have a tutu on as well!

10.  Teaching my girls from a Biblical Worldview is the most precious gift I can give them.

The longer I homeschool my girls the more I see and feel the importance of teaching them from a Biblical Worldview of Truth. When I first began homeschooling I knew I would include a Bible course to start our day. But as I teach History and Science (especially) I started thinking – Why am I still using books that contradict the Word of God? Once I started incorporating courses from Bob Jones University I saw how my oldest was no longer confused by learning one thing for “school” but trusting the Bible for truth. She was only 7 years old and it is just amazing to see her bringing what she learned in her Bible Study time into her History and Science lessons. She is learning that the Bible speaks truth and how to see through the lies that are out there.  This is the most important gift I can give my girls – Truth!

What have YOU learned while homeschooling?

Love Life, Love God, Live For HIM…

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