Taking Care of Mama


As Mom’s we tend to take pride in how well we take care of our families. I believe that as Homeschool Moms we may take a little more pride in the fact that we teach our children as well. It almost becomes this “badge of honor” we carry around with us.

There is absolutely NOTHING WRONG with having a deep desire to take care of your family and to do it well! Let me make that perfectly clear. YOU were given your family to do just that – love on them like there is no tomorrow (and as a Christ follower show them the love of Christ)!

So why do we think this means that we have to lose ourselves in this?

Are you not a part of your family? Would you choose to love one child and neglect another? Of course not! So why do we neglect ourselves? And even worse, why do we shame another mother for taking time to attend to her own needs?

Ladies, I love social media. I said it. I truly do love it. We keep up with family all over the world. See how friends from our school days are doing and how their kiddos are growing. Not to mention all of the amazing speakers, authors, conferences and yes, let’s not forget the recipes!!! I have found so many wonderful ideas for my home to keep things organized and our homeschool. I do really love social media.

But the dark side of social media can make me feel like shutting it all down.

Friends verbally attacking each other over political views. Shaming each other over parental choices. Passive-aggressive posts hoping the person you’re upset with reads it and knows it’s about them. I’ve even seen comments left on others posts just to make them feel they are inferior for a choice they decided to make.

When did we begin feeling so free to tear each other down?

Social media can be a wonderful tool for communication in your life. Yet more times than not it seems to be used just to make others feel “less than.”

Stop using it to tear down others (and yourself when you’re busy seeing how much better friends children behave) and start using it to be real!

No more posting that perfect photo of your family so no one knows that to get that shot you spent an hour yelling at all of them!

Stop hiding the fact that you are exhausted and need to spend some quality time taking care of YOU! We all need it, we’re just too busy trying to keep up with everyone else’s “awesomeness” to admit we need a break. Actually, we feel ashamed to admit it.

I want to challenge you to take time for yourself and dare to share about it on social media! #MamaTime and #HSMamaTime needs to start taking over social media channels with beautiful examples of Mamas focusing on their need to refresh themselves. Take the time to cheer each other on in these posts. Start showing each other love and let each other know – you are not alone!

Love Life, Love God, Live For HIM…