It’s Time To Be Real


Sometimes I think we are our own worst enemy. We tend to think our friends have it all figured out or their life is somehow “better” than our own. You know you’ve felt this way from time to time with at least one of your friends. If not in “real life” at least through social media.

You see their well-behaved children and wonder what are they doing differently than you. Their perfectly kept home in photos on Facebook and Instagram and you wish you had the time to do the same. The amazing crafts (that somehow never leave a mess behind).  And let’s not forget the abundant baking and beautifully homemade meals EVERY NIGHT!  How do they do it all?  Why aren’t you?

Then comes the beating ourselves up. We are always comparing and telling ourselves we aren’t enough.  We don’t do enough.  We aren’t worth enough.  But that’s a lie!

Your friend’s “perfect life” is a lie.  It could be that they are only sharing the highlights or best moments in life on social media.  Maybe they don’t share the struggles they are encountering with you.  But trust me – they have them.  We all do!

No one – I mean NO ONE – has a perfect life!  All of us have those moments (and some days last WAY longer than others) where you wonder why you’re even trying.  Are you trying hard enough?  Are you making a difference?  We just don’t tend to share those moments freely.

BUT I think it’s time to share them.

Share that photo of your laundry pile that is making your head spin.

Share that “AAAAHHHHH!!!! My kids are running and screaming through the house and all I want is a nap” moment.

Share that pile of dishes that just don’t seem to clean themselves!  When will they learn!!

We aren’t doing anyone a favor by leaving these moments out and keeping them a secret.  You are not perfect and neither is your life.  Why do we need others to think that we are?

By keeping it secret we are making others feel like they are lacking.  Like they can never live up to YOU!

It also makes us unapproachable.  I mean, think about it.  Do you want to spend your day with someone that has it all together – perfect husband, home, kids, job, homeschool – life?  Do you want to always feel like you can’t possibly be as “amazing” as them?  No!

It’s time to be real.  In real life and on social media.  It’s time to share when we have struggles.  When we just want to scream!  It’s time to have each other’s backs and say – Oh I get it!  I just went through that.  No judgment.  No condemning.  Just an ear to listen.  A shoulder to cry on.  A Mama to understand and know what you’re going through.

By no means do I think we should dwell on these moments.  But when we have them we need to open up and share them.  We need to be that friend to the one sharing that gives them a Bible Verse that has helped us.  That kind word of encouragement that will help them carry on.  That prayer warrior that stops what we are doing and prays right then and there with them.

We need to stop assuming that all of those amazing stories and photos are someone else’s average day.  Start being happy for them.  They are sharing a great moment in time with you.  Be happy for their moment – yours is coming too!

Every one of us has moments where we feel crazy and alone.  But if we could all just be real and stop trying to appear perfect we could stop the shame and just be real!

Love Life, Love God, Live For HIM…

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3 thoughts on “It’s Time To Be Real

  1. This so true my life is upside down I can’t seem to ever finish with all the house work. But that is life not perfect at all.

  2. I loved your post! I had brain surgery a year ago and I am still recovering. I have major migraines. And a brain disease. My point is that no one can tell from the outside of my body that anything is wrong with me. I struggle every day doing it all. I’m now accomplishing school, meals and making sure kids do the house cleaning. My husband still has to do laundry. Love everything you have on your blogs. I think they will really help me out. I’m going to try your schedule too. Thank you so much!

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