Taking Back Your Sanity

Homeschoolin' Mama - Taking Back Your Sanity


Life is beautiful. If you let yourself stop and really look around you, you’ll see some truly amazing works of God. But all too often the people around us muddy up that water. Or is it that we allow them to?

Let’s face it…people are a hot mess. I don’t mean some people. ALL of us have those moments where we really shouldn’t be socializing with others. Right?! Be honest, you know you do too. So why do we allow other people’s mess to mess us up?

I’ve been guilty of this lately (allowing others to change my mood or views of myself even). It surprised me to see how easily this snuck in. Someone lies to you. Another lies about you. Loss of a friendship. Betrayal. Even someone “seeing through you” can all lead you to start that very dangerous “talking” in your mind.

You’re not worth it. Maybe they’re right. You are the loser. You are failing as a parent. Failing at life.

All of this can squash you so quickly that you may not even see it coming. But when it does hit you it can wreck you. Again, if you let it.

How do you dig out or avoid those pits? Start digging into God’s Word. Dedicate some serious Jesus time in your days. Schedule it in your calendar.

People are going to let you down and you’re going to let them down. As much as you will try not to you will. None of us are perfect so it’s going to happen. But God and His Word are always faithful. Lean on Him.

Remember – Mamas Set The Tone! When we’re off the whole home is off.

Love Life, Love God, Live For HIM…