Praying For Our Nation

Praying For Our Nation

Praying For Our Nation

Praying For Our Nation

These days you would have to be living under a rock in the middle of nowhere to have not heard or read all of the anger going on in the US right now.  Personally, I think it’s stemming from fear but most people don’t want to admit that.  Any time we have a new president enter office there are some fear.  Fear of the unknown.  That they won’t deliver what they promised.  That they will.  No matter which candidate you voted for we have a new president as of January 20, 2017 – President Donald Trump.

I’m not here to debate or even discuss whether he is the right president for our country.  That time has passed.  We all have our own views and reasons we either voted for him or against him.  What we need to do now is pray.  Pray for our new leaders.  Our military, police and firemen (our front lines).  Each of our citizens and our families.

Things are going to change because we have someone new in charge.  It always does.  But right now we need to focus on covering all of it in prayer.  Focus on rebuilding those relationships that were hurt or torn apart during this very messy election.  A lot of damage was done by our own citizens (not just politicians).  Many allowed themselves to say or post incredibly hurtful things because they were angry.  It’s time to mend that wound.

I encourage you to stop filling your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and whatever other social media you use, with hurtful words or images.  Think before you post – Is this actually going to help anyone that reads this?

My Prayer For Our Nation


I come to you with a pleading heart.  Our nation is changing.  Our leader has changed and we have a lot of fear at this time.  Please touch all of our hearts and give us a calm that only you can give us.  Remind us that we love each other and this great country that has given us so many freedoms and luxuries.  Show us how truly fortunate we are.  

Remind us that YOU ALONE knows how our country will move forward.  YOU ALONE knows each of our hearts.  Let us heal Father.  Let us come to you on our knees daily with our hurts (instead of social media).  Help us to show our children the example you desire us to show them.  Help us to remember that we are your feet at all times.  Our desire is to bring our family and friends to you Lord.  Help us to be that light shining on you and not placing a dark mark on your name.  Help us to forgive and be forgiven.


I tell my children all of the time “you can only control your own thoughts and actions, not someone else’s”.  If we want change we need to start with ourselves and set the example.  Let’s be that Godly example for our nation.

Love Life, Love God, Live For HIM…

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