Putting The Past Behind You

Putting The Past Behind You

Putting The Past Behind You

Putting The Past Behind You

When you are hurt or feel like you were wronged by someone it can be truly difficult to get past it.  I feel like the closer you were with that person the longer it will take. Somewhat like a grieving process because the relationship is now dead.  Maybe that’s just me though.

I’ve mentioned before that I was let go from my job last year.  To be honest with you, in the beginning I was dealing with a lot of hurt.  But that hurt seemed to come out in anger. Okay, total honesty, it wasn’t just in the beginning.  I still struggle with it even now.  Just not as much as I was in the beginning.

I worked closely with this person – one on one – but also with a small team as well. Loved these people like they were my family.  I worked with them virtually from my home and traveled a couple of times a year to be with them. It truly was a blessing to me and my family for almost 4 years.  I made close friendships with people I could count on and I was proud of the person I was working for and took growing this business very serious.  Fully believing in the message they were putting out there and I felt honored to be a part of it.  I loved all of my time and friendships I had there.

The last few months of working there I began getting that feeling that something was off.  Something wasn’t the same any more.  Then one day I get an email asking to talk the next morning.  In a 15 minute phone call (not with the person I worked one on one with) it was all over.  They decided to “go a different” way and apparently I was no longer needed.  I was crushed.  Hurt.  Angry.  What could I have done differently?  What needed to change that I was missing?  Why didn’t that one person feel they could talk with me about any of this?  I will never know.

Since this moment in August of 2016

The friends disappeared.  No contact (other than request for information I had given them) from most of the people I worked so closely with.  I had apparently dissolved into thin air – and it hurt.  I had given so much of myself to all of them and they were gone just like that.

You who have made me see many troubles and calamities will revive me again;
from the depths of the earth you will bring me up again.   {Psalm 71:30}

I share this not because I want to have some sort of pitty-party for myself (I’ve done enough of that already in private).  But because I know I’m not the only one who has gone through a hurt that cuts you this deep.  The kind that you don’t feel like you’re ever going to get past when you’re in the middle of it.  I want you to know – you will get past it.  Your life will go on and it will be the amazing life God has planned for you.

I still struggle with it.  I know my next client I will struggle with whether or not I should allow myself to get close with them or keep it 100% business.  But I will let God steer me.  Only God knows why this happened.  Only God knows what is in store next.

I want to leave you with this… You are going to get hurt (because we deal with humans every day).  Feel completely alone.  You are going to feel gut wrenching anger.  KNOW that God is right beside you with His arms open wide.  KNOW that He has  not left you alone.  He is growing you and strengthening you RIGHT NOW!  Through all of this pain He is growing you stronger – all you have to do is talk with Him.  Walk with Him in that wonderful book He has given you.  Grow closer to Him and KNOW that He loves YOU!

Love Life, Love God, Live For HIM…

3 thoughts on “Putting The Past Behind You

  1. Thank you for this. I have left two different jobs and so many of my friends from both places have disappeared. I often feel like I am alone in this but really, I know that I am not.
    I appreciate the advice and truly hope that I can let God direct me as I continue to journey through life.

  2. Letting go is so hard! I had a similar thing happen with a homeschool group and was so upset. But I found when I was able to let it go I found a new group full of people I really click with! Letting go of the bad leaves us open for something new and better!!

  3. I’ve been struggling. Hard. For over a year. This article helped me realize I owe God an apology. Through my struggle; my husband crushing on another woman at work & having lyed to me for many years about his interactions with women co-workers and the way it all came out…The way my husband’s went about trying to make it right…I’ve had many moments of distress where a message like this, an article, a radio program, a devotion would come to me. I knew God was helping me but still I was hurt at God too…without fully realizing it. It clicked with me He keeps putting these words of advice or words to relate to & understand in my path because He STILL loves me. He actually cares about my sad pathetic insecure hurt. He hasn’t abandoned me. Though my spirit’s wounded & happiness continues to fade way too quickly…He’s actually been by my side. & I didn’t let it sink in til now. I may still hurt but I know He’s throwing me a life line to mend. & that means everything to me.

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