Raising Proverbs 31 Women: A Strong Woman

Raising Proverbs 31 Women Series - A Strong Woman
Raising Proverbs 31 Women
A Strong Woman

Raising Proverbs 31 Women

A Strong Woman

We are continuing our look at the excellent wife’s behavior.

  • What did she do that made her so wonderful?  
  • What actions should we be teaching our daughters to strive for?  
  • What was important to the Proverbs 31 Woman?

Proverbs 31:17-18{ESV}

She dresses herself with strength and makes her arms strong. She perceives that her merchandise is profitable.  Her lamp does not go out at night. 

Her Behavior {Biblical Times}

Taking care of others was a major priority for the Excellent wife.  But she also knew she needed to take care of herself to be able to do this.  This meant taking care of herself spiritually, mentally, and physically.  She armed herself not only with the strength of God but with actual physical strength.

She wasn’t trying to sell merchandise that was just slapped together – something cheap.  She saw that it was profitable, therefore she would stay up as late as it would take to get it made and done right.  She didn’t just throw something together just to say, “Hey, I got it done”.  It was important to her, so her heart went into it.

So how should our behavior look TODAY?

This verse about her strength may be one of my favorite verses for women in the Bible!

  • I need to “dress myself with strength” – Dig deep into God’s Word daily so that I am strong in HIM!
  • Make my Arms Strong – Physically I need to strengthen myself as well.  Working out, eating healthy, needs to be a priority to my daily routine – staying healthy!

When you are working on a project you need to put in the time to make sure it is done right!  Whether it’s blogging, a product you make or sell – anything you are putting your name on – you need to make sure it’s being done at it’s best.  Even if that means you need to stay up late to accomplish that!

How do we teach this to our daughters?

I think each of these lessons are incredibly important to teach our daughters.  The media likes to make Moms (especially stay at home Moms or dare I say, homeschool moms) appear to be lazy, weak and a little on the dumb side.  I want my daughters to see being a woman, wife and mother is an important and empowering title to hold!

  • Bible Study:  Begin your morning with your daughters in God’s Word.  Teach them that this is one of the best ways to start each day – strengthening yourself with God’s Word.
  • Exercise:  Our physical strength is also important.  Schedule in time each day to work out with your kiddos.  When they’re young it could be something as simple as adding Physical Education to their homeschool day.  Older girls could go to the gym with you or do a workout video at home – Girl Power!
  • Take Pride in Your Work:  When your girls are younger they probably aren’t creating merchandise to sell yet.  Although, I did, every summer. I made pot holders or lemonade stands to sell to anyone who went by my driveway!  Always the entrepreneur!!  But for most littles, I think encouraging them to do their best is the way to start.  Whether it’s schoolwork, dance class, chores they are doing – encourage them to not settle for “just getting it done” or rush because a show is on they want to see.  Encourage them to work to their highest potential!  This will then carry into their working/career one day.

So how will YOU begin showing your daughters these behaviors? Are you already showing them these? What can YOU share with us that is working for you?  

*Monday we will continue with more of her behavior in Proverbs 31:19-20*

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Love Life, Love God and Live For HIM …

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