Reflecting on 2011…

     This year has been a strange and difficult one for my family and I.  We made a very BIG MOVE  from Orange County, NY to the Burbs of Chicago back in May.  This was our fourth move and the fifth state in the last 6 years.  So you would think I would be used to all of this by now.
     But this one really threw me off my game!  I have spent the last 7 months struggling to find my routine, my way of life here in the Burbs and just getting frustrated.  My hubby is gone way more hours a day than we expected because of his commute (one hour each way or more, by train).  My baby is quite demanding and needs all of my attention all of the time.  My oldest is trying out being mouthy with me (we are praying she figures out it’s not for her soon).  Plus I had some medical news (for myself) that really messed with my head.  It’s nothing life threatening and I will be sharing about that after I see the specialist soon.
     Yes, this year I have really struggle to get through my days.  I will admit that a lot of days I was just going through the motions and some days even just barely making it.
     BUT – during all of this my baby Boo: started crawling, she cut her first tooth (and now has 6), she folds her hands and says A! A! A! when we pray.  Best of all we celebrated her First Birthday!

     Roo turned 6 years old and we were able to celebrate with her at American Girl Chicago!  She has become a beautiful Ballerina and a Gymnast.  And she is just the best big sister ever!

     My hubby and I celebrated 16 years of marriage this year!  I am amazingly blessed by this man and so grateful God saved him for me.

     This year has been full of struggles most definitely.  In some ways I am really looking forward to starting a New Year.  But I will never for get this year.  2011 is the year God: brought me some wonderful online friends (Homeschoolin Mamas), shown me the true beauty of my girls and helped me fall even deeper in love with my husband.  But most of all – He has drawn me closer to HIM – my Father!!!
     I thank God for 2011 and ALL that it has brought.  I pray that God keeps my eyes on Him and all that He holds in store for my family and I in 2012!  I pray the same for you and yours this New Year!

Happy New Year!

Love Life, Love God and Live For HIM …

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