A Prayer For My Husband, Family & Myself

A Prayer For My Husband, Family & Myself Father, I come to you for my husband.  Thank you for giving me this wonderful man.  He is what I always wanted and need in a husband and father to our children.  He makes me want to keep my vows I took: to love, honor and obey!  I pray he feels my love for him each and every day. Lord, he has so much on his shoulders in taking care of our {Read More}

All In God’s Timing

All In God’s Timing What an amazing day!  A day that I will never forget.  Every Christian Mother longs for the day there child decides to ask Jesus into there heart.  This was that day for my little Roo (who is 6 years old)! From the time I found out I was pregnant with her I have prayed every night this prayer: “Lord, help me to be the Mom she needs me to be.  Help me to be the example {Read More}

Showing Love During The Crazy Times

Showing Love During The Crazy Times The past 10 days have been over the top insane at our house.  I mean, each day I would say to myself “Well it can’t get crazier than this.”  And the next day would make a complete liar out of me! Boo, who is almost 10 months old now, is cutting her two top front teeth.  Any of you that have lived through the teething stage know that we are running on very little {Read More}

Get Behind Me Satan!

Get Behind Me Satan! You know life has become totally crazy when my postings start to dwindle and then just stop all together!  All of a sudden I realized I couldn’t remember when the last time I wrote anything was – YIKES! So here I am.  Attempting to get my routine back – put my life back in order.  But first a WARNING about this post:  My mind has been all over the place lately.  So I may ramble and {Read More}

Motivating Your Kiddos

Motivating Your Kiddos When I first started homeschooling Rachael this year, it went fantastic! She loved learning every day and she loved having Mommy as her Teacher. It was something new and exciting! Every thing was coming very easy to her and she woke up every day ready to learn. Then the work began to get a little harder and we were covering things that she had not seen before. She didn’t like not being right with the first answer {Read More}