Organizing The New Homeschool Year

Organizing The New Homeschool Year - a 10 Day Series with Meg Hykes

I can not believe we have finished our 13th year of homeschooling! Absolutely unbelievable to me. Where did the time go? My oldest just graduated and my youngest is now halfway to the finish line.

June 12th – 23rd I’ll be sharing with you a few steps I take to get our homeschool, kiddos, and myself ready for the new year. We don’t just jump into it all willy-nilly like. There is a process. 

Here are the topics I’ll be covering over the next 10 days:

Planning the New Homeschool Year - A Year in Review

I always begin by reviewing the year we just finished.

Once you know what you all liked and didn’t like last year, you can then move on to the new stuff.

Each state is different, but I’ll be sharing what I do and a free download you can use.

You have a clean planner – don’t be afraid to fill it with fun!

Once you’ve begun planning you can begin prepping that homeschool room.

Field Trips, fun days, hikes – it’s your homeschool. Plan some fun!

Organizing those little areas of clutter can really help declutter your brain. Start the year off clutter free.

Planning the New Homeschool Year - New Cleaning Schedule

Help keep your home clean this school year – create a new cleaning schedule that will work with your homeschool schedule.

Time to pump up the kiddos. Let them in on a few fun things – but give some teasers too!

Planning the New Homeschool Year - Prepping the Mama

This is all about prepping our Mama hearts to lead our children to love learning.

Organizing the New Homeschool Year - a 10 Day Series with Meg Hykes
Homeschoolin' Mama with Meg Hykes
Homeschoolin' Mama - Meg Hykes

Visit Our Friends

I’ve joined a group of friends, to share our best tips and tricks for homeschooling! The next 10 days we’ll all share our favorites and we pray they help and encourage you on your homeschool journey too.

Organizing the New Homeschool Year

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My hope is that this will help you in starting your school year prep – it’s worked for me. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any of these upcoming articles.